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Sailing in Colombia

It might seem a cliché but Colombia truly is a land of contrasts. Her landscape features breathtaking vistas from tropical jungle to towering peaks, all the way down to the sparkling seas and white sands of the Caribbean coast.

Sailing in Colombia is a simple pleasure, and there are many options for visitors to rent everything from powerboats to luxury yachts. And with so much coastline to explore, you’ll find an adventure wherever you decide to go.

It’s not just the scenery either. Colombians are a friendly lot, so take that bad press with a pinch of salt (but also remember that common sense goes a long way). A trip to this incredible country is sure to feature memorable nights out, delicious street food and plenty of culture and incredible experiences to make a vacation to remember. Brushing up your Spanish skills isn’t essential in the tourist areas, but will really make a big difference to your vacation. Even the smallest effort could help, so don’t be shy!

If you only make time for a day trip around Cartagena or Santa Marta you’ll find the sea offers you another view of the country. Boating in Colombia gives you a different perspective and allows you to enjoy quiet beaches or those hard to reach bays and islands. So, for those looking for an ocean going adventure, renting a yacht in Colombia could make the difference between run of the mill tourist experience and once in a lifetime trip.

Explore the coast of Colombia

With coasts in both the Caribbean and the Pacific, sailing in Colombia means you can access some of the hidden treasures of this incredible country. The Caribbean coast is the more accessible option, with plenty of hidden beaches, sleepy coastal villages, coral reefs and perfect sea fishing spots. Boating in Cartagena means you can cruise the coast and explore popular destinations such as Isla Tierra Bomba, the Rosario Islands and Santa Marta. Of course one of the joys of sailing vacations on a Sailo boat rental or yacht charter is that being able to head to those bays and island that normal tourism can’t reach.

Explore the pristine coastline of Providencia, or beach hop in Tayrona National Park until you find your perfect stretch of sand. And because you can go at your own pace, without the timetables of local ferries, you can stay as long as you want and catch that sunset at your leisure. However long you spend on the seas, from a boating day trip from Cartagena, to a week long chartered yacht, you’ll probably wish you had more time to enjoy this amazing destination.

A Tropical paradise awaits

Colombia’s Caribbean coast is a magnet for those looking for fun on the sea on a boat rental. Snorkel lively and abundant reefs, or go deeper and scuba dive with turtles, rays and dolphins. Take a sailing trip out into the open seas and you’ll find one of the world’s biggest reefs and some intriguing blue holes around Providencia and San Andres. Closer to the mainland there’s plenty of undersea life around the Rosario Islands and Varadero reef, much of it close enough to the surface that you don’t need to strap on the aqualung and wetsuit - a simple snorkel mask is enough.

From those beautiful beaches in Cartagena it’s easy to see the appeal of organising a yacht charter to head out across the horizon and explore. The blue seas around here are rarely troubled by hurricanes and make the perfect playground for sailing trips along the stunning Colombian coast. And with temperatures a fairly consistent 27°c (80F) year round, it’s always a good time for sailing around the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

A land of many colors

Don’t forget to explore the beautiful historic city of Cartagena itself, with its painted houses, edgy street art, historic UNESCO heritage old town and awe inspiring colonial era churches. Instead of travelling up and down the beautiful coast by road, sailing trips on a boat rental from Cartagena are one of the best ways to experience the magnificent Caribbean coast (and infinitely more glamorous).

Heading east on your yacht charter from Cartagena to Santa Marta, the coastline is dotted with pretty villages and long sandy beaches. The port of Barranquilla is another major stop for maritime explorers venturing up the coast. And of course Santa Marta itself demands a visit, being the oldest colonial city in Colombia.

Set sail westbound along the coast from Cartagena and it’s a different story. You’ll find less in the way of urbanisation and a much more sedate and rural vibe. Waterfront jungle, mangrove swamp and lagoons dot the landscape as you coast hop towards Central America, with only the occasional resort or small town to break up the view. So whatever it is you’re looking for when sailing in Colombia on a Sailo boat rental, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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