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Sailing Colombia: Yacht Charters


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Rent a Yacht Charter in Colombia with Sailo!

Renting a yacht in Colombia is a great option. Whether you have sailed here before or it is your first visit, Colombia will surprise any demanding traveler with exciting Caribbean culture, delicious food and beautiful turquoise waters around idyllic islands. Picturesque small towns along Colombia's Caribbean coast, famous soft sandy beaches and amazing food will create a relaxing atmosphere for a perfect holiday for you and your loved ones. Welcoming friendly people will make Colombia “your home away from home”. Renting a boat in Colombia is definitely one of the best ways to explore its Caribbean coastline and the islands nearby.

Discover sailing in Cartagena and why everyone enjoys it Caribbean coast of Colombia

If private boat rental in Colombia is something you are interested in, Cartagena is by far the most interesting place to visit in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Being a famous historical site and due to its location it is the perfect place to rent a motorboat for a day in Cartagena to visit nearby lovely Rosario islands, Volcan de Lodo El Totumo and impressive white sandy Playa Blanca. Cartagena’s Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and will impress you with its cobbled narrow streets, bright colorful houses, balconies covered with flowers, and massive churches. The best advice is to drop all the sightseeing, and simply walk through the allies of the perfectly preserved Old Town. If you want to spice up your holiday with fresh seafood, try local restaurants all over El Centro or Plaza San Diego. When it comes to the best recommendations for boating, catamaran rental and sailboats in Cartagena are the most popular choices among return travelers as well as beginners.

Discover yacht charters from Cartagena to Islas of Rosario

Islas of Rosario is the must see destination in the Caribbean part of Colombia. Whether you rent a sailboat for a day in Cartagena or for a weekend, you won’t be disappointed. All year around the islands like Cholon or Baru get quite busy thanks to the proximity to the mainland and among each other. You will see luxury yachts rentals near Isla de Tierra Bomba, sailboats around Cholon as well as catamarans near Baru with travelers from all over the world enjoying amazing clear blue waters, long sandy beaches the Caribbean is known for. Yachting along Islas of Rosario is just a pure pleasure, as the combination of clear sea and rich underwater world full of corals and fish makes it unforgettable both for snorkeling and diving.

Weekly, daily and hourly yacht rentals in Colombia

When you search for a luxury yacht to rent in Colombia you have many options to choose from - 2 or 4 hours boat rental, as well as entire day or weekly yacht rental in Cartagena. Sailo created a comfortable booking platform and round o’clock customer service to assist you plan your trip.

Explore Colombia yacht charters with Sailo

In Cartagena, Colombia you can choose your ideal boat from a wide range of options. Sailo offers various types, such as power boats, charter yachts or luxury boats to satisfy your taste and match your budget. When you are planning your trip, our advanced filters will help you to narrow down your search by date, the number of guests, the price and the other preferable details. Once you see the boat you like, click on it and read more details about it on the boat page. Messaging the boat owner and discussing all the details about your plans and expectations, will help you to make the right decision.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Colombia?

When it comes to the price for renting a boat in Colombia, it really depends on many factors. For example, the type of the boat and number of guests, fuel cost (the fuel cost also may vary due to the market price) and different extras which will be included in the cost when you are looking to rent a yacht in Cartagena. We advise you to customise your search using our advanced filters to find your perfect boat. You can also find a motorboat in Cartagena for 500 USD per day. The cost of renting a luxury yacht in Cartagena per day is 4000USD.

Can I rent a luxury yacht in Colombia with a capitan?

Sailing can be both an adventurous and relaxing experience on the water, and the best way to enjoy your holiday is to rent a yacht in Colombia with the captain. Sailo has a lot of boats in Cartagena with experienced captains, who know the location very well, can advise on trying local specialities or visiting attractions in Cartagena, secret diving places around Rosario Islands, hidden caves and much more. There are so many benefits of renting a yacht with a captain in Cartagena and probably the best one is an opportunity to relax and enjoy your holiday, and let the boat owner take care of the rest.

Are you looking for a Colombia yacht charter? Experience sailing in Colombia for a day of fun and water joy aboard your Sailo boat or yacht rental from Cartagena or Santa Marta! A short ride offshore will get you to nearby Islas of Rosario. Here, you are guaranteed to enjoy the pristine beaches where you can relax, get some sun, go snorkeling and party with the locals at Cholon or Baru. Make the most of your day on the water aboard your yacht rental in Cartagena, Colombia and get ready to witness a gorgeous sunset as your boat sails smoothly back to the harbor. Talk to your skipper about the itinerary and customize your sailing in Colombia according to your wishes!

Sailing Colombia TOP destinations

When you choose a boat rental from Santa Marta, plan for a unique experience in the wilderness of Tayrona Park. Keep your scuba and snorkeling gear at hand as this is your chance to to see a spectacular variety of fish and marine life. One particularity of this stunning natural paradise is the phenomenon phenomenon of seven continuous waves that you can witness best only from a yacht rental in Colombia. Santa Marta is also home to the wonderful Crystal Beach - one of the most visited beaches in South America. Many consider it one of the 20 most amazing beaches on the planet. Sit back, relax and enjoy the crystal clear water, the coral white sand, on the background of lush mountains. Go snorkeling or scuba diving, swim and bask in the sun in a paradise yet to be affected by pollution.

For any questions about your boat or Colombia yacht rental from Cartagena, or for special arrangements you want to make for your day on the water from Santa Marta, we invite you to start a direct conversation with the boat representative by clicking on the “Message Boat Owner” blue button on the boat page.

Sailing Colombia by private boat charter is an unforgettable experience you should not miss! Browse our top inventory, ask questions before booking, rent your dream boat from Cartagena or Santa Marta and start planning for a memorable adventure on the Caribbean coast of Colombia!