Capo d'Orlando

There are a million and one things to do in Capo d'Orlando, whether it’s visiting beaches around the area or going sailing!

Your best sailing guide to Capo d'Orlando, Italy

Capo d'Orlando is a place that doesn't need an introduction because of its remarkable reputation for being one of the best places to visit in Italy!

Capo d’Orlando is truly a sight to behold in the Aeolian Islands. Its beaches are some of the most beautiful in Messina. It is no wonder that Capo d'Orlando sailing by tourists in a sailboat rental in Capo d'Orlando is a popular pastime. Apart from the scenic beaches, tourists also sail on a private boat rental in Capo d'Orlando to its pretty lighthouse on the hill. There is also a sanctuary dedicated to Madonna, among other lovely features.

Capo d’Orlando beaches vary widely from sandy to rocky, so be assured something is matching your taste in a luxury yacht rental in Capo d'Orlando. The village has a marina running boat charters in Capo d'Orlando ferries for tourists.

The village also has excellent restaurants, lively bars, and gelaterias for tourists to unwind to. We will explore all the fun things about Capo d’Orlando and the best beaches to sail in Capo d'Orlando boat rentals.

Exploring Capo d'Orlando

Since tourism is a mainstay of Capo d’Orlando’s local economy, many locals operate Capo d'Orlando boat tours for tourists. Its small marina is also ideal for both fishing and tourists sailing to and from the Aeolian islands in boat rentals in Capo d'Orlando.

You will sail across dozens of beaches, rocky shores, and much more. Capo d’Orlando is also close to Nebrodi Mountain Regional Environmental Park, filled with lakes, rivers, falls, and tiny beaches to check out in Capo d'Orlando charter boats, or you can rent a boat in Capo d'Orlando to Villa Piccolo di Calanovella, home to a small museum with breathtaking views of the Aeolian Islands.

Top beaches in Capo d'Orlando

Now, let us explore the best beaches in a Capo d'Orlando yacht charter.

Take one of the sailboat rentals in Capo d'Orlando, Italy, to Lungomare Andrea Doria. This beach town has a long coastline of clean sand and gray-pebbled crystal-clear water.

Another great location to sail in catamaran rentals in Capo d'Orlando is San Gregorio. This location has a scenic beach of sand surrounded by many recesses and coves.

Tourists frequent Testa di Monaco in their yacht rentals in Capo d'Orlando, Italy, because of its many amenities, as well as the gray golden sand and crystal-clear water.

Check out Spiagge Nere di Vulcano in a yacht charter in Capo d'Orlando. These are a set of black beaches located along the northern coast of the island, with a long coastline and peaceful atmosphere.

Take the party boat rentals in Capo d'Orlando, Italy, to Spiaggia di Isola Bella. It is generally renowned as one of eastern Sicily’s most beautiful beaches. It is a small pebble beach island, located along a thin isthmus.

One of the best beaches to check out when you are sailing in Italy is Spiaggia di Giardini Naxos. The area is filled with pebbled and sandy beaches, with long shorelines and smooth rocky backgrounds. Rent a yacht charter in Italy to check it out.

Take a tour on a Capo d'Orlando boat rental with captain to Baia del Tono. This famous beach is located along Milazzo and is known for its distinct curved shape.

Spiaggia dello Scarico is a great location for a party boat rental in Capo d'Orlando. Once a brimming port beach, it is now more known for its pebbled, lively shoreline. It also has a nearby cliff overlooking the sea.

Top beaches outside Capo d'Orlando

Sail on the Portofino yacht rentals to San Vito lo Capo. This is one of the top beaches for tourists sailing Portofino due to its intriguing mountainous terrain, open fields, vineyards, and olive groves. It also has a fine white sand beach with crystal clear waters and palms. The wide bay and grottos are also home to plenty of marine life.

Take the yacht rentals in Marsala, Italy, to Isole dello Stagnone. Located in Marsala, this beach has an urban feel to it, well equipped with modern restaurants and amenities, and also welcomes you with calm waves and clear water.

Sail on a Capri boat rental to Mondello beach. Located close to the Sicilian capital, Mondello is a white sand and shallow sea beach always buzzing with activity. It is an excellent swim spot for tourists and locals alike, with an idyllic beach scene and seafront promenade providing amazing splendor. Also, rent a boat in Venice nearby to check out beautiful Venice, the artistic and fashion capital of Italy.

Hidden along the Sicilian coast in an Amalfi Coast yacht charter, check out Calamosche. This is one of the less crowded beaches, perfect for intimate getaways. It is well hidden in a sheltered cove with clean and clear water and a local agriturismo restaurant serving up delightful seafood cuisine. Make sure to check it out in a Sardinia yacht charter when you are around the area.

Isola Bella is another Sicily yacht charter hotspot. This bay is located below the hills near the town of Taormina. This small, pebbly beach is another excellent quiet spot away from Sicily’s crowd. It is surrounded by lush vegetation, towering hillsides, brilliant rock formations, and diverse wildlife. The water is also excellent all year round, so you can book a private sailing tour in boat rentals in Sorrento.

Rent a boat in Genoa to Sampieri Beach, on the southern coast of Sicily. It is one of Sicily’s finest, with a long bench consisting of pure golden sand, distinctive dunes, rocky cliffs, and a pebbly shore.

At sunset, you can enjoy the views in your boat rentals in Naples, Italy, or enjoy the Sicilian nightlife in one of the towns nearby.

Why you should choose Capo d'Orlando to set sail in Italy

Capo d'Orlando is a scenic little island in Sicily, with Italy’s relaxing and homely feel. This town is ideal for individual and family visits, so be sure it has something for your interests. When you’re choosing your next holiday destination, Capo d'Orlando should be one of your top 3 places to visit in Italy.

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