Start your sailing trip at Sorrento and make your way down the Sorrentine peninsula, Capri, and other famous Italian coastal towns and cities.

Sailing in Sorrento

Sorrento is the gateway to several of the most exciting land and Sea attractions in the Mediterranean!

Sorrento is a coastal town perched on the Mediterranean coastline, within striking distance of some of the most iconic tourism destinations in Italy — Naples, Pompei, the Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, and Amalfi.

It is the capital of the Sorrentine Peninsula and is world-famous for its sprawling citrus fields, serpentine walkways, and hiking trails. It also has notable history with literary icons - Dickens, Byron, Goethe, and Tolstoy visited the historic town to pen down some of their most riveting works.

While you might have better luck finding a sea companion at an Amalfi Coast yacht charter, there are plenty of boat rentals in Sorrento at the local Marinas. It is one of the ideal locations to go sailing in Italy as it has one of the longest summers and clearest summers in the Mediterranean.

Sailing In Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento provides easy access to all of the most exciting coastal locations in Italy, making it the perfect launch point for a sailing trip that touches Naples, Proscia, Ischia, Capri, Pompeii, and any other village or other locations your heart desires.

A Capri boat rental, Sicily yacht charter, or boat rentals in Naples, Italy, are all valid mediums for your Mediterranean adventures. Sail down the Sorrento Capri coastline, stopping at various beaches and villages. If you’re new to sailing, hire an experienced skipper when you go looking for boat rentals in Sorrento. They know all the best restaurants and beaches on the coastline. If you have money to splurge, hire a full crew along with the Sorrento boat hire. They’ll bring the five-star dining experience to you.

Marina Di Puolo is a popular recommendation for a potential stopover. It’s a sleepy little village and a popular getaway location from the bustle of the Town capital Piazza Tasso. Visitors love lounging on the beaches, hiking near the coastal nature reserve, and visiting local restaurants.

Locations like Naples, Pompei, Proscia, and the Herculaneum are worthwhile stopovers. Ischia is also a few hours away. Think of it as a cheaper, smaller alternative to Capri, with fewer people, secluded spas, beaches, and the famous Castello Aragonese.

Things to do In Sorrento

Take a trip from your private boat hire in Sorrento to experience the lovely coastal town has to offer. Begin your exploration of the city In Old town. Thousands of tourists gather at the historic quarter exploring the markets, restaurants, cafes, and winding streets. The old town is also where you’ll find the best Limonoro in the world. It is a sweet lemon liqueur, harnessing Sorrento’s bountiful citrus farms.

Piazzo Tasso is the center of the town and is always a treat to visit. The best restaurants, resorts, liquor, and attractions are minutes away from here.

Visit the Amalfi coast with your boat rentals in Sorrento or by car and take in one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. With pastel-colored houses, vivid yellows, and crystal blue waters, very few sights compare. It’s the perfect destination for Sorrento Sailing. If you’re in the mood for sunbathing, you can hop down to the local bay. Sorrento may have no beaches, but you can still soak in the sea air and sunlight.

We also recommend visiting the Basilica of Sant’Antonino–the oldest church in the city, as well as Bellevue Syrene for a true luxury Sorrento experience.

Contrary to its name, Marina Grande is a rustic fishing village and a laid-back atmosphere that is very different from Sorrento. It’s a great spot to rent a boat in Sorrento. The bars, restaurants, and accommodations are not bad either.

Weather in Sorrento

The weather in Sorrento is pleasant year-round. It has mild, wet winters and hot and dry summers that last for 5 months of the year, making it the ideal spot to sail when you rent a boat in Genoa or rent a yacht charter in Italy. If you don’t have a yacht charter, you can look into Sorrento boat rentals.

At the height of summer, the temperature can reach as high as 84 degrees Fahrenheit, but on most days, you should experience warm weather at most. Rainfall is heaviest in October, November, and December, so you’ll have to take care when scheduling trips during those months.

Making the Sailing Trip

Sorrento is a lovely stop-over location for sailors exploring the Italian coastline and an excellent town to pass your Vacation weeks. You can reach the city by boat, air, or road, though we recommend sailing down. You could rent a boat in Venice or get a Sardinia yacht charter and make the trip down. We also advise getting reservations for accommodations, boat charters, and even private tours. The town is busy year-round. Planning ahead of time can save more than you think.

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