How to enjoy sailing on the Italian Island of Capri

Explore the Island of Capri and the Italian Mediterranean

Capri’s twin towns are a delightful mix of beaches and stunning hills. Read on to discover how to enjoy your sailing trip in Capri!

Capri is an Italian island on the Bay of Naples. It is a luxury and fashion lover’s paradise; you can find many top Italian fashion houses and items on the island. Capri has stunning coves and coastlines that prompt many visitors to rent a boat in Capri, Italy and explore it all. If sailing Capri is at the top of your bucket list, an affordable Sardinia yacht charter is highly recommended.

Getting to Capri is an easy trip from the neighboring mainland. There are many boat rentals in Naples, Italy that run from Naples to Capri. Ferries also run from Ischia, Salerno, and the Amalfi Coast (Positano and Amalfi), usually 30mins to 1 hour trips. You can also rent a boat in Genoa, dropping off at Isola di Capri.

Where to stay in Capri

You can choose to either stay in Capri town or Anacapri. Capri town is home to luxury with streets that are lined with high-end boutiques, cafés, luxury hotels, and nightclubs. Celebrities are known to flock to this location. The location is also a haven for beaches, which means you can rent a yacht charter in Italy and enjoy the night parties and hang out with Hollywood’s finest.

Anacapri, on the other hand, is an ancient town and is the best place to taste the best cuisine in Capri. The town is filled with high hills, and even though it has no beaches, it is filled with famous places like Punta Carena lighthouse and Gradola which have great beach clubs.

Sailing in beautiful Capri

The Island of Capri is famed for its beaches and Cove. It attracts tourists and celebrities alike, and most tourists will tell you that sailing in Italy isn’t complete without a trip to Capri’s beaches.

First, there is the harbor of Marina Piccola, in Capri town. In the summer months, the harbor has lovely sunshine and calm weeds, perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. The beaches are 30 minutes away from the old town in a Capri boat rental service.

Next, there is the Grotta Azzurra, a few kilometers from Anacapri. The dramatic cave-like structure is flooded with water, and the sunlight around it makes the water glow in dazzling color. Boat rentals in Sorrento stay at the cave entrance to take tourists on tour.

The Giardini di Augusto or Gardens of Augustus is another marvel in Capri. The exclusive gardens are a major attraction for celebs in their Capri yacht rental.

Explore other sailing destinations near Capri

The entire archipelago has beautiful coastlines that run directly from Capri. The nearby Commune of Amalfi is a town hidden below cliffs on the Southern Coast. There is a direct Capri boat rental ferry that runs to Amalfi which has beautiful scenery, classical buildings, beautiful beaches, and the best of Italian cuisine. If you have some bucks to spare, Amalfi Coast yacht charter services are available in the town to give you a fun-filled tour of the waters. The nearby coastal town of Sicily, famous in Hollywood for mob movies, runs exclusive yacht charters near Amalfi.

Not too far away, the famous city of Venice straddles the seas close to Capri. The city is famous for having no roads, but just canal passages. Venice is also one of the artistic capitals of the world, which means you might pick up one or two amazing souvenirs. Direct ferries are available to and from Capri, and tourists can rent a boat in Venice to explore the waterways of Venice and book a ferry along the waters to Southern Capri. Sicily yacht charter is a very cost-effective way to host parties and events on the beautiful coastline.

If you are in for some adventure, take a trip to Sardinia to enjoy the Mediterranean. There is a direct ferry line to and fro, and the journey will take about 20 hours. Sardinia has sandy beaches and rocky terrain, perfect for hiking and sightseeing.

Sardinia is also a famous party destination on the Italian archipelago, and locals operate many Sardinia yacht charter services for tourists. Sorrento is a beautiful island also close by, and there are many boat rentals in Sorrento services for the journey to the island town.

Capri is a sea lover’s delight

The Italian and Mediterranean are full of beautiful coastal locations, each with its own unique apparel. Capri is revered as a hotspot for high fashion and celebrity lifestyles. A luxury yacht charter in Capri is the ultimate luxury experience you can have on this beautiful island.

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