Guide to a sailing trip to the Italian village of Portofino

Explore the village of Portofino and the Italian Mediterranean

Portofino’s charm is a delightful mix of beaches and stunning landscapes. Here’s how you can maximize your visit

The tiny village of Portofino is located on Italy’s southern Riviera coastline, easily accessible from the city of Genoa. When you rent a boat in Genoa, it will take you directly to its famous port.

Portofino has colorful little houses, high-end boutiques, a 16th-century fortress, a museum, beautiful little beaches, and seafood restaurants. The village is a popular destination, and the Harbor is always lined up with tourists in their Portofino boat hire. They love sailing Portofino for its sunsets, breathtaking views, parties, and much more. So, make sure you make an available yacht to rent in Portofino to begin your vacation.

Interesting places to visit in Portofino

There are so many things to see in Portofino. So before you hop on your yacht charter Portofino, Italy, explore this town on land.

The famous Piazzetta is lined with colorful shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. You will also find Chiesa di San Giorgio, which houses relics St. from the times of the Crusades. The abbey of Saint George is a walk away from the Piazzetta.

Leaving the Piazzetta, you will find Castello Brown, a Mediterranean castle full of flowers, roses, and pergolas. It has a beautiful landscape built during the medieval period as a military structure. It houses exhibitions and memorabilia stretching from the medieval period to the times of Napoleon.

Not too far away from the village is the inlet known as Paraggi. Its famous crystalline water and the Castello Bonomi fortress are a marvel for tourists. Paraggi also has a stunning beach, perfect for diving and exploration in your Portofino yacht charter.

The village also has elegant restaurants offering traditional Italian dishes from various choices. Everyday staples include pancetta (stuffed pasta) with walnut or pesto sauce, vegetable pies, and conventional vegetables with fish. Each plate is usually accompanied by a tasty glass of local Italian wine.

Sailing destinations to rent a yacht in Portofino

Portofino has so many beaches and coves, each offering a new and refreshing experience for tourists in their Portofino yacht rental.

The beach in the tourist port of Portofino is the most accessible one. It is a small beach, perfect for intimate excursions and a sense of romance and intimacy. The beach is perfect for lovers. If you and your lover are sailing Portofino, you should visit this beach.

The beach of Paraggi is arguably the most famous in Portofino. It is extremely popular with both tourists and locals. The beach is a stone’s throw away from the village and can even be reached by a footbridge. There is also a beautiful 17th-century castle along the coast.

Paraggi is relatively quiet and is known for its cleanliness. It has a refreshing breeze and a relaxed atmosphere. Its waters are filled with pebbles and have an interesting emerald color due to the reflecting vegetation in the water. Tourists in Portofino yacht rentals love to visit this beach for its serenity and dive in its emerald waters.

Sailing in Italy is not complete till you visit the beautiful beach of San Michele di Pagana. Like most other beaches, it is a tiny beach filled with shops and located along a resort. Tourists love sunbathing and enjoying its pebbled waters. You can also spot much marine life such as small fish, crabs, and many others.

Interesting sailing destinations near Portofino

The Bay of Naples is a luxury and fashion lover’s dream. Tourists visit for its many top Italian fashion houses and items. It also has enchanting coves and beaches, all accessible with boat rentals in Naples, Italy.

Take a Capri boat rental to the beautiful harbor of Marina Piccola, in nearby Capri town. During the summer, the harbor gets lovely sunshine and calm waters, perfect for bathing and viewing the landscape.

Leaving the harbor in your boat charter in Portofino, visit breathtaking Venice. The city has no roads, only canal passages navigable by water taxis. Because of its cultural and artistic reputation, tourists live to rent a boat in Venice to explore its waterways and old monuments.

Amalfi is a nearby commune, almost entirely hidden under cliffs in the Mediterranea. Amalfi is known for its enchanting landscape, beautiful scenery, renaissance buildings, beaches, and cuisine. Getting to the old commune to explore its beauty can be done by booking an Amalfi Coast yacht charter.

An interesting and mysterious place full of adventure is Sardinia. Sardinia not only has sandy beaches and notoriously rocky terrain, its location along the Mediterranean means it has a lengthy shoreline for visitors to explore. The town is a perfect location for swimming, hiking, and sightseeing. Locals operate Sardinia yacht charter services for tourists on the Italian archipelago.

Nearby Sorrento is a beautiful island perched atop cliffs. It is known for its marinas, sweeping water views, and lined cafes. Explore Sorrento in one of the boat rentals in Sorrento available on the island.

No city better reflects Italian culture and heritage than Sicily. The city is the largest Mediterranean island, with a rich history and globally recognized monuments like the Valley of the Temples, its Greek temples, Byzantine mosaics, its royal chapel, and Mount Etna. Taking a trip to this beautiful city will leave so many memories. So don’t hesitate to take a Sicily yacht charter and begin your adventure.

Portofino is a tourist’s dream

Portofino may be relatively small, but it has so much fun and beauty in it. There is so much beauty to see when you rent a boat in Portofino, Italy. So what are you waiting for? Rent a yacht charter in Italy today and explore the beautiful village of Portofino.

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