Explore the ancient Mayan empire and the mysterious waters in Tulum, Mexico.

The best places to go sailing in Tulum

Tulum is where white-sand Caribbean beaches meet luxury resorts and Mexican food.

Tulum is a town in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. If you are a luxury traveler, boat lover and sea sailing enthusiast, this town should be top of your bucket list. Whether for couples, solo travelers or bringing your family along, Tulum has much to offer. Tulum is mostly known for its beaches and yoga retreats, so sailing Tulum is an unforgettable experience, and Tulum boat rentals are some of the best in Mexico. Yacht charters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, can get you to Tulum, but this will take longer.

Tulum has no airport, so you can’t take direct flights to Tulum. Instead, fly to nearby Cancun or if you are the traveler looking for an all luxury experience, take a Tulum luxury yacht rental from nearby Cozumel to get to the town.

Tulum is the best place to taste the finest Mexican cuisine

If you’re into seafood, head to El Camello Junior. You get fresh seafood with local music and an overview of the water, where you will see people cruising their Tulum boat charter.

Las Quekas, a popular Mexican chain with various branches all over Mexico, is a good place for lunch. You are served soups and quesadillas along with the finest Mexican ingredients. While on your catamaran rental Tulum, make a stop by any Las Quekas; there are many outlets in town.

For some traditional tostadas with raw seafood, or some cooked dishes including fish tacos or grilled seafood (try their octopus!) you should visit Aguachiles.

Sailing on the beaches of Tulum

For most travelers, sailing is the most fun part, where you get the experience of a lifetime. So all you have to do is rent boat Tulum, sit back and enjoy all the town offers.

Tulum offers the best of the Caribbean sailing and snorkeling adventures. Some of the largest barrier reefs in the world are there. You should rent a boat Tulum and visit the Mesoamerican barrier reef near Playa del Carmen. Enjoy Tulum’s relaxing atmosphere in some of the best Mexico sailboat charters anywhere in the world.

You can also swap the bars of Tulum to explore the sea. An underwater museum (MUSA) is filled with statues made by several Mexican artists from Mexico. Make sure to enjoy the island of Isla Mujeres while on your Tulum catamaran tour.

Does the castle of the Mayan ruins of Tulum sound like fun? Yes, boat rental in Tulum gives you a chance to explore the ancient civilization firsthand! If you are a large and flashy band, try the many yacht rental in Tulum, which are surprisingly affordable.

Getting a catamaran tour Tulum allows you to sail along its beaches from anywhere you are staying. You can see the many different colors of the water, and the snorkeling is amazing, as you will also see many colorful fish, stingrays, and sometimes even turtles.

More exciting places to visit in Tulum

Another exciting adventure awaits you in Puerto Morelos. Its vibrant reef wall and gigantic barrel corals are a constant attraction, and some of the finest boat rentals in Mexico sail along that route. Afterward, dine on tacos at a private beach club and snorkel at two separate spots in the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos. All the fun is there to be had.

The biosphere of Sian Ka'an is a UNESCO-protected area and a must-see in Tulum. The area boasts immense biodiversity, including coastal and mangrove habitats teeming with marine life. Though most of the area is protected, rent a boat in Tulum to Boca Paila Lagoon, where you will find reefs and nesting birds at Ascension Bay. Your private boat rental Tulum will also take you on a tour of nearby Punta Allen. Enjoy a Caribbean lunch in Punta Allen Hotel pickup, with drop-off included. The small-group tours ensure personalized attention.

The Rivera Maya area gives you a luxury sailing experience with open bars. This is where you can hire the best party boat rentals in Mexico for you and your crew to have the best times.

Lay back on the comfortable deck cushions and take pictures with your friends as the sun sets on the beautiful town. The night time is when the party happens. It is perfect for everybody - couples, honeymooners, special events or simply small groups of close friends. There are also many yacht rental Tulum available here for the more high-end parties in the town.

The Grand Bahia Principe in Tulum is also a recommended fun spot for sailing in Tulum. The beach that runs along it is one of the most popular spots in Tulum, and if you happen to stay there while vacationing in Tulum, locals with the best catamaran rental in Tulum are ready to give you an unforgettable tour.

Tulum is where beach lovers go

Tulum is a beautiful and fun town in Mexico and has some of the best beaches you can find in the Caribbean. If you love beaches, then you will surely love Tulum. Be sure to get a Tulum Mexico boat rental beforehand. The town is also filled with parties and festivities, so if you can rent a yacht in Tulum while you are there, don’t hesitate to do so.

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