The beaches, cuisine and nightlife allude to this city’s rich history. Explore Paros through this guide

A guide to exploring Paros

Paros has mysterious beaches with rock formations mixed with Greek, French and Italian culture

The Greek island of Paros is famous for its picturesque beaches and historic villages. Its capital is Parikia, which is well known for its boat rental Paros, great tourism sites, Byzantine landmarks, swimming coves, and bays.

How to get to Paros

Flights to Paros typically go from Athens from anywhere in the world. Coming by sea, Sailboat charters in Greece are available from nearby islands to get to Paros from Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Crete and Milos.

Restaurants in Paros

Paros boasts a mix of Greek, Mediterranean and European-style restaurants. First, there is the elegant restaurant of Yemenii in the port of Naoussa. They serve local dishes alongside traditional Greek staples, the best wine and signature cocktails, with a table set outside the cobblestone lanes of Naoussa village.

The Ela in Parikia is another. restaurant that mixes the best dining experience of Greece, Italy and Israel in one setting. Specials include lamb baklava and watermelon gazpacho, and the best Greek wine. Its alfresco setting is near the Parikia ferry port. You will definitely want to make a stop here while sailing Paros with your group.

Statheros is a farm-to-table Greek restaurant in Paros. It is known for its quality seafood, fruit mixes, meat-based dining and local wine cocktails. Make a stop on your sailing trip Paros here, as there is also the option of open-air seaside dining.

Fun things to do in Paros

Fun activities in Paros include swimming and sunbathing on its beaches, exploring its unique rock formations and mysterious caves, hiking, day trips to Paros park, and checking out the Old Port of Naoussa with a boat rental Paros. In addition, visitors have a lot of Paros yacht charter options to enjoy the beaches around the island.

Fun places in Parkia, Paros’ capital include the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, the Frankish Castle ruins, amazing restaurants, craft workshops, boutiques, and lively bars. Parikia is also surrounded by beaches, with the best Paros yacht charter in Greece. Tourists can also explore its many beaches on the Paros catamaran charters available in its port.

Visit the 4th century Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani in Parakia, founded by St. Helene, mother of Emperor Constantine. Marvel at its art and architecture from the Paleochristian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine eras. The Museum of Paros is also located within the complex, with rare artifacts, icons, relics, and ecclesiastical items, mostly dating to the 17th and 18th centuries.

The old port of Naoussa Old Port is also popular. Sailing Paros will never be complete if you do not visit this old port town with its gorgeous natural bay, marinas, open-air restaurants, and cafes. The Venetian castle ruins are located here, and though most of the fortress is submerged, there are still parts like the tower available for exploration for tourists. The town is also known for its array of motor yacht charters in Greece that take you further to sea after exploring the coastline.

The mountain village of Lefkes, known as the agricultural hub of Paros is also a must-see. It is a popular hiking destination due to its stone pathways and panoramic views over the land, sea, and the nearby island of Naxos. Its famous architecture has Venetian, neoclassical, and Cycladic inspirations and the most popular landmark is the Church of Agia Triada.

Paros has some of the best beaches in Greece

One of the most popular beaches on Paros is Santa Maria, known for its white sand, calm waters, and the dining and water spaces available on the beach. Rent catamaran in Greece is available there when you want to leave the sands and explore the beach.

The beach of Kolymbithres along Naoussa’s Old Port is known for its moon-like rock formations, perfect for a Paros sailing tour. The rocks break the beach to even smaller parts, and there are catamaran Paros rentals at the south end of the beach.

The next beach, the half-sunken Kalogeros Beach, requires you to rent a boat Paros Greece if you want to explore its cliffs, pebble shore, and mud formations.

The Chrissi Akti Beach, known as the golden beach, is very beautiful. It has fine sparkling sand and is a popular family destination. It boasts crystal-clear waters, great restaurants, beach clubs, and hotels. Families there can explore the coast with other tourists in the Greece yacht charters available for rent.

The Monastiri Beach at Paros park is popular with families for its sandy setting and the clear water that’s perfect for swimming. The beach boasts a cafe and hosts many beach parties, water sports and concerts during summer. Families can also get a boat hire Paros for a private fun tour to the beach.

Paros has great beaches, lively nightlife, and beautiful towns. It also has a fascinating history. Arrive in the capital of port Parikia with a Paros yacht and get ready to have the best of times.

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