Visit the Islands of Legend and Mythos and bask in the natural beauty, art, history of Crete

Sailing in Crete

Crete is unlike any other Island in Europe. Its coastline is a testament to the beauty of the Greek Isles, and natural treasures, landmarks, and culture make it a pleasure to visit year-round.

Crete is the heart of the Greek Islands and has some of the best attractions the proud nation has to offer. Surrounded by deep ancient waters, ruins, and diverse architecture, history, and era-spanning Mythos, Crete promises excitement to sailors and travelers alike.

Spanning more than 3000 miles across, Crete is, by far, the most dynamic and exciting Greek island. It boasts of barren mountain tops, architectural landmarks, modern museums, and lush countrysides. So if you’ve been dreaming of sailing on the Aegean sea, rent a boat in Crete. It’s time to live out that dream!

The Beaches and Marinas of Crete

Scattered across the 1000km coastline of Crete are dozens of breathtaking beaches and Marinas. The Port town of Chania, in particular, is a standout and is a great place to rent a boat Crete or find a yacht rental Crete. Constructed in the 12th century by Venetian settlers, Chania is of the oldest ports in the world, and down by the Marina, you’ll find the famous floating Replica of a Minoan ship. They were one of the first to enjoy sailing Crete. In addition, Chania is one of the best places to nab a catamaran rental in Crete.

Marina Rethymno, located in Rethymno is a few minutes from the Island’s best beaches and has plenty of Greece Yacht charters opportunities for eager sailors. There are dozens of skilled captains, skippers, and staff to man the hundreds of commercial vessels docked in the Marina. It’s a great spot, whether you’re looking for sailboat charters in Greece, or are looking to moor your vessel. Marina Ay Nikolaos and Heraklion Marina are great options if you’re not spending time in Rethymno. You can also tour Heraklion landmarks with sailing trips Heraklion and take in the capital city of Crete.

Beaches of Crete

Create has enchanting beaches just like any other hot sailing location in Europe. The best beaches on the Island are arguably in Chania. The deep blue waters and soft crisp sands make you feel like you’re vacationing on an exotic Caribbean Island.

Balos and Elafonissi beach are tourist favorites and are not too far from the marina, making it a great location to rent catamaran in Greece. Via beach is the hottest beach in Lassithi, also keep an eye out for Falassarna beach, Preveli beach, Matala beach, and Rodakino beach. There are more than 20 beaches on the Island, so you’ll never run out of exciting new locations to visit while sailing Crete.

Things to do in Crete

There are a thousand and one fun things you can do on the island. From visiting historical landmarks to climbing the local mountains and taking sailing trips Crete. On your first visit to the Island, here are a few exciting things you can do.

Visit the Museums and landmarks in Heraklion, the capital city. The city offers more than just the motor yacht charters in Greece. Heraklion is an Old city with a colorful past, tons of side attractions, and cultural touchstones. Visit the Palace of Knossos, the grand Koules Fortress, and the thousand-year-old churches, and enjoy the best motor yacht charters.

We also invite you to see Myros, an enchanting coastal village where you can rent a boat Crete, and visit some of the oldest churches in recorded history. Chaina is a gem on land on water and the best place to start sailing south Crete. It has a dedicated Nautical museum for sailor types, as well as diverse ancient religious landmarks.

Situated some distance from Rethymno Marina– where you rent yacht Crete– is the famous Arkadi Monastery. Said to have been constructed by a Byzantine Emperor in the 1860s, it became a site of religious expression and holds a great significance to the local Cretans and Greeks. Many see it as a national symbol of Greek Independence.

Weather in Crete

The weather in Greece is pleasant year-round, so it’s never a bad time to start sailing Crete waters. The sailing season starts in April and ends in early November just as winter is settling in. Winter typically lasts from November to February, and it’s when the island sees the most rainfall and wildest weather. The prevailing wind is north, and it’s strong. If you’re planning on getting a yacht rental Crete or a boat rental Crete Greece, plan around the local weather. You can beat the rush by visiting the Island in early Spring or Late Autumn. It will be cheaper to rent yacht Crete, find accommodations, and soak in the beautiful island atmosphere.

Planning your Crete Sailing Trip

You’ll need a standard EU Visa to visit Crete and board a plane for Heraklion airport. However, before you make your trip, book accommodations and yacht rentals ahead. They are usually cheaper online. Good accommodation and charters are much more difficult to find when boating season rolls around.

With that said, one sailing vacation to Crete is not nearly enough to see everything the beautiful Island offers. Like most sailors that return every year, you’ll find yourself unable to resist when the next season rolls around.

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