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Chania sailing guide

Chania is where white sand Greek beaches meet Venetian and Roman culture

The town of Chania, Crete was a historically strategic harbor town. These days, the town has become a must visit tourist destination. The harbor offers many tourists taking sailing trips Chania a great first glimpse of the beautiful town.

Exploring Chania by Boat

When you reach the harbor on Chania sailing cruises, the first thing you'll see is the old lighthouse. If you feel like it, take a trip to the edge of the lighthouse and you’find a breathtaking view of the sea.

Chania owes its unique architecture and design to its Venetian, Turkish, Roman and Greek histories. Blended together, they manifest into a backdrop of architectural marvels that will blow you away.

At the city center is the famous Cathedral of Eisodia tis Theotokou, which holds a special place in the town as the religious and moral authority, and spiritual guardian of the town. Other famous religious buildings include the Church of Agios Nikolaos and the St Nicholas Church. Chania also boasts a museum known as the Archaeological Museum of Chania. The museum houses important artifacts from as far back as the neolithic age.

If you are in the mood to party, you can start partying at night in the famous Synagogi bar. The town is also known to host cultural events at the open air theater, which comprises various musical and theatrical performances. Sailing Chania is one of the best experiences on the Island, and there are many bars to visit along the trip too.

Chania’s cuisine is the best in Greece

The Chrysostomos restaurant, behind the marina end of the harbor offers the best of Chania cuisine. As you rent a boat in Chania and sail its beaches, make sure you stop by this restaurant for some original tasty and healthy bean salads, home-baked bread, brilliant meat, and fresh vegetable dishes. Delicious cuisine really enhances the sailing Chania experience.

You do not want to miss the waterfront restaurants while you are in Chania. There is the Don Rosario that serves the best of Italian cuisine. We’re talking about fresh fish, seafood, oysters, lobster, and pasta. Locals offer the best boat rental Chania Greece, so sail there and enjoy the food!

Tzitzikas is another amazing restaurant that’s located by the river. It has a nice ambiance and can be easily spotted from Chania sailing cruises. There, you’ll get the finest espresso, mezedes and organic food available. The flowing river near the village is a good place for a Chania catamaran tour, so make sure you stop by Tzitzikas when you’re there.

Sailing the Beautiful Beaches of Chania

When it comes to sailing trips Chania, the town boasts some of the best beaches that will give you the most amazing experience you can find in all of Greece.

Start with Kedrodasos Beach in the south-west of Chania. It is a private beach with white sand and trees, perfect for a catamaran rental in Chania trip. If you are an explorer or just a camper looking to bask under the Cretan sun, Kedrodasos is the place to be.

There is also the Falassarna Beach, which is more of a bay with 5 beaches, the most popular is Pachia Ammos. Locals near the beach offer the most breathtaking sailboat charters in Greece rides. The bay also famously hosts a lot of night events.

Rent catamaran in Greece town of Chania, and explore the waters and white sand of Balos-Gramvousa beach in the north-west part of the town. It is famously the most photographed beach on the island. There is also a small restaurant if you want some more of that fine Chania cuisine.

If you rent one of the motor yacht charters in Greece, chances are you will get to visit the island of Gramvousa with a lovely castle and amazing beach. The Elafonissi Beach is one of Chania’s best beaches, and is also one of the most protected areas.

Getting to Chania and booking an accommodation

Chania boasts an international airport busy with flights throughout the year. You must take a car or taxi from the airport, as public buses are not available there.

Going by sea, there are lots of ferries from nearby Athens to the port of Souda. Greece yacht charters will give you the comfy and luxury ferry experience to Chania.

Once there, Chania has a host of accommodation offers for tourists. Top-end places like the Domicile Chania Venetian Residence and Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel are great. You can also try Mama Nena Charming Hotel and Splanzia Hotel if you are on a budget. Most of these spots are accessible by car. However, there are also some stunning beachfront accommodations when you rent a boat Chania.

Enjoy your visit

Chania is a must visit location; its cuisine, landmarks, castles, towns and churches are remnants of history. Rent a boat Chania to explore some of the best beaches in the world. A boat hire Chania will also allow you to stop by its famous waterfront restaurants for a taste of its wonderful cuisine. If you’re keen to visit the beaches, start your Chania catamaran tour from Kedrodasos beach, then sail across to Falassarna beach and explore the bay.

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