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Guide for Sailing Rhodes

Discover Rhodes from the land and water. Bask in the history and architecture, appreciate the natural treasures, and restaurants and beaches

Rhodes is one of the major Islands in Greece and is located at the southwestern tip of the nation. It is surrounded by the Dodecanese Islands, which are famous for their beaches, bays, and enchanting turquoise waters. You can not go sailing Rhodes without getting Greece yacht charters to see the other Islands, especially when they are so close.

The Island of Rhodes on its own is a hotspot for tourists and hungry adventurers. Rhodes has sunning beaches, archeological sites, museums, and hidden coves and beaches, perfect for boat hire Rhodes.

Beaches and Marinas in Rhodes

Despite its size, Rhodes boasts of multiple Marinas scattered up and down its enormous coasts. When sailing Greek Islands by yacht you'll find amazing catamaran rentals in Rhodes, yacht charter in Rhodes, or any number of water sports equipment and activities.

If you’re not satisfied sailing Rhodes, you can set out on a sailing trip with a catamaran cruises Rhodes or private boat hire Rhodes. Either choice will show you great Dodecanese Islands like Symi, and Chalki Island. Both are famous for the local architecture, food, and beauty. We also recommend you also check out Halki, Kardamena, and Nisyros.

After a lengthy sailing trip, kick back on any of the dozens of beaches that dot the Island coastline. Some are a few minutes away from the Marina and others force you to see other sides of the Island. Faliraki Beach is a tourist favorite, located in the south of Rhodes. There is also Tsambaki beach, Anthony Quinn beach, named after the movie actor, Saint Paul's Bay, Afandou, and so many more.

Rhodes sailing tours around Marinas and beaches can show you the beaches on the Island if you rather not go hunting for them yourself. The charm of visiting each beach via yacht charter in Rhodes is how different and interesting some of the beaches are. Some have smooth fine sand, others are basins that get flooded with a coming tide, and a few others have rough stony borders.

The Attractions of Rhodes

There is no small list of exciting things to do and places to visit while you're in Rhodes. If you have an eye for architecture and the history of the island, you can visit the many castles, museums, and forts on the Island. Kastello castle has beautiful gothic architecture, and the Hospital of Kings was constructed as far back as 1440. The Acropolis of Rhodes gives you a panoramic view of the Island, allowing you to take pictures and videos, and Prasonoii beach draws sailors looking to learn windsurfing, waterboarding, and various other sports.

The major cities are not the only places you should check out while you're away from your motor yacht charters in Greece. Lindos town offers plenty of excitement, but its gothic history and impressive architecture make it stand out from any place on the Island. Tsambika is equally special. A few miles from the beach, by a cliff, you'll find Kleobuolus’ tomb - a philosopher from ancient Greece. Rhode also has a monastery, several castles, geothermal springs, and ruins of fallen civilizations.

Weather in Rhodes

Weather on the Dodecanese chain of Islands is great year-round, especially on Rhodes. The best time to visit and rent a yacht in Rhodes is from April to November. Rhodes gets hot during the summer, but it remains a safe haven and gathering spot for catamaran cruises Rhodes and bareboat sailing. There's no better time to rent a boat Rhodes.

The Aegean Sea is difficult to sail and chart during winter. The water will be too cold to swim in, and frequent storms will prevent you from staying out for too long. However, that doesn't mean there is no fun to be had sailing Rhodes in the off-season. Things are cheaper and the land attractions become more accessible.

Making the Trip

You can reach Rhodes by ferry or plane. The island has an international airport 16 miles away from Rhodes city. You will most likely not get direct flights from other airlines to the Island, so you will have to stop over at Athens, Crete, or Thessaloniki.

A ferry boat takes longer than a flight, and in some ways, it prepares you to find and pick the best sailboat charters in Greece. The Ferry takes off at Port Piraeus, and it can take up to 18 hours to reach its destination.

When planning your trip, it's safer and cheaper to find and try to rent catamaran in Greece online. If you're visiting around summer, it might be the only way to rent a boat Rhodes. The same goes for hotel rooms, boat hire Rhodes, and Rhodes sailing tours.

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