Koh Samui

Want to have the most memorable holiday in Thailand? Set sailing in Koh Samui

Exploring the best beaches in Koh Samui by sailboat charter

Koh Samui is not the average Thai island; much adventure and attractions await you here. Explore all the fun places and beaches for your sailing trip, starting with exploring this guide!

The naturally beautiful island of Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It boasts a scenic shoreline dotted with palm trees, coconut and tropical fruit plants, with coastal lowlands hidden in an untouched rainforest.

Koh Samui is the second biggest island in Thailand and a kayaking and snorkeling paradise in a yacht charter in Koh Samui. We will explore all the wonders of the island and the best beaches to visit in a boat rental in Koh Samui.

The climate in Koh Samui

Koh Samui's weather differs from the rest of Thailand. It stays fairly dry even during monsoon season and experiences dry weather towards the end of the year. As a tourist visiting Koh Samui, you should know that the best time to visit is between January and February.

Getting to Koh Samui

You can get on a boat charter in Koh Samui from Surat, usually a 90-minute ferry. There is also a yacht rental in Koh Samui or you can choose the ferry service from Don Sak Pier, which may include a lower crowded space or an upper air-conditioned space. The latter comes at an extra cost. There are plenty of choices to rent a boat in Thailand from anywhere in the world to Koh Samui at Sailo.com, at very affordable prices.

Exploring Koh Samui by sailboat rental as a tourist

Before you go sailing its beautiful waters on a private boat charter in Koh Samui, the island has a lot to offer to adventurous tourists.

Tourist locations, watersports and other activities

Visit Ban Lipa Yai, a village known for its high-quality fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen, and durian. Check out the Na Muang Waterfall in your boat rental in Koh Samui. This scenic waterfall is surrounded by purple rocks, and a flowing stream of water gushing out at nearly 80m high.

Take a trip to the Old House, a Chinese-style house nearly two centuries old. Here, you can explore Samui’s distant oriental past and marvel at the artifacts and other memorabilia.

Attractions and shows

Monkey and Elephant shows

Samui is known for its open-air Monkey and Elephant Shows on the main road behind Bophut beach. Although a hotspot for lovely entertainment, the training of these wild animals is ethically questionable for many tourists.

Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Located to the south of the island near Na Thian Beach, this undersea aquarium has an amazing collection of tropical fish, turtles, colorful coral, and lots of other marine life. There is also a tiger zoo, home to Bengal tigers and leopards.

Samui Insect Garden and Museum

This museum holds a huge collection of butterflies, rare bugs, and even a bee house.

Buffalo Fighting Festival

This is one of the best-known festivals on the island, usually held on special occasions such as New Year's Day and Songkran. Bullfighting in Koh Samui is relatively harmless and varies according to some ancient customs. The buffalo are also beautifully decorated with ribbons and sprayed with holy water.

Ten Stars Samui Art Party

Art lovers should not miss this. This recurring annual cultural event brings together art lovers and Thai artists who showcase their original artworks. It is usually hosted at high-end resorts with presentations by featured artists.

Religion and Culture

Laem Sor Pagoda Koh Samui

This chedi is one of the most revered shrines on Koh Samui. It has a golden structure with yellow tiles, giving it a majestic and spiritual aura.

Wat Khunaram Ko Samui

This temple is mostly frequented by tourists who want to see the mummified monk on display. Tourists and devotees alike offer flowers and incense as tribute. The monk, who was a revered abbot, is sat in a glass casket in a meditation pose.

Best beaches to go sailing in Koh Samui

The island boasts some of the best beaches in Thailand to sail in a yacht hire in Koh Samui. Some of the most famous ones include:

Bang Rak Beach

Rent a boat in Thailand to this beach, located north of the island, andalso known as Big Buddha Beach. Perks include crystal blue water and calm winds, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The surrounding area also has lots of restaurants, shops, and bars for entertainment and refreshment.

Bophut Beach

Visit Bophut Beach and explore its pristine waters in a sailboat rental in Thailand. Also located north of the island, this beach is famed for its diving tours, and lively bars and restaurants.

Chaweng Beach

This is a major beach on Koh Samui and a perfect location for a sailing tour in a private yacht charters in Koh Samui. This tourist hotspot is swarmed with exotic hotels, high-end restaurants, pubs, and bars. It is one of the major locations for a memorable nightlife in Samui.

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is another party beach packed out with bars and exciting nightlife. Sail in a catamaran rental in Phuket to experience the raunchy and adventurous nightlife Thailand offers. The beach also rarely gets crowded, and is in much better condition than Chaweng beach. If you want a quiet relaxing location, go to the northeast end of the beach, where you will find luxury resorts and affordable guesthouses.

Mae Nam Beach

If you prefer a more quiet and intimate location in Samui, sail here in your luxury yacht rental in Phuket, Thailand. The water is clean and decent enough for swimming, and the sun here is warm and great for sunbathing. The shallow water makes this a great beach for families with kids who want to enjoy a nice swim and a picnic later on.

Best beaches close to Samui

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien is one of the most popular beaches in nearby Pattaya. The beach offers serene relaxation and rejuvenation like no other, with a clean sun-kissed shoreline surrounded by palm trees. It is an ideal place to visit with family and friends in a yacht rental in Pattaya. There’s also lots of bustling shops, cafes, and excellent restaurants serving delicious Thai seafood. With one of the clearest waters in Thailand, you can go diving, swimming, windsurfing, and sailing here.

Visit the Perhentian Islands

Sail on private yacht charters in Indonesia to the Perhentian Islands, a bustling tourist destination in Malaysia. This natural beauty offers clear turquoise waters, palm-fringed shorelines, coral reefs filled with sea turtles, blue-spotted rays, and other marine life. There is also a hiking trail that cuts through a thick jungle.

Fun sailing activities on this island include scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. You can also join one of the many organized jungle trekking tours on the island.

Nusa Dua Beach

Sail to Nusa Dua Beach in one of the many luxury yacht rentals in Bali, Indonesia and experience what a true Balinese beach is all about. It has sugary white sand, tranquil clear waters, a warm tropical climate, a gorgeous landscape, and a breathtaking sunrise glowing on the sapphire sea.

Pink Beach on Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in nearby Malaysia. The island’s eponymous dragons are the largest lizards in the world and a major attraction for tourists. But these magnificent creatures aren’t the only attraction here - the island is also home to Pink Beach, one of Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches. Its flamingo-pink sand is a marvel to see,and is a true delight for sailing guests in their luxury yacht charters in Malaysia. Go diving in the serene Coral gardens, swim in the shallow waters, or go snorkeling along the gorgeous beach.


Koh Samui is a beautiful island paradise and one of the best locations for a tourist in Thailand. It combines the spirituality of Thailand’s oriental past with its modern, fun-loving, and vibrant nature.

Its gorgeous beaches are sandwiched between dramatic landscapes and hills, making them the perfect location to take a sailing boat in Phuket. Enjoy your time there!

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