A treasure trove of tropical islands

Sailing in the Philippines

The Philippines offer some of the most diverse island scenery in Southeast Asia, with lots of opportunity for some fun with a private yacht charter. You’ll find plenty of places to choose to explore with your Sailo boat rental!

One of the joys of sailing in the Philippines is that the country is still relatively undeveloped in terms of mass tourist infrastructure. What this means is that when exploring with a yacht charter in the Philippines, you’ll stumble across plenty of hidden pristine beaches and traditional fishing villages.

Although some 7 million tourists visited the Philippines in 2018, the country is nowhere near the popularity of places like Thailand or Bali. Although places like Boracay, Palawan and the resorts near Puerto Galera are all very popular, the Philippines doesn’t attract foreign tourists quite like the neighbors. But if you’re looking for unspoilt scenery, friendly locals (who speak English almost as standard) and a very affordable Southeast Asia sailing experience, there are lots of things to tempt you to the Philippines.

Easy to explore

Wherever you charter your Philippines boat rental, you’ll be a short hop from some undiscovered corner. It might be a gorgeous island with just a few fishing families, or it might be a beach with one small hotel in the corner. Finding your new favorite beach is easy when you go sailing in the Philippines.

An affordable experience

Sailing in Southeast Asia is very affordable, so a yacht charter in the Philippines means you’ll be able to experience the thrill of sailing without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to enjoy a day swimming on a secluded reef, fishing with your buddies away from the crowds, or just to feel the sea breeze in your hair, then you’ll be able to just do that on your Philippine boat rental from Sailo.

El Nido & Palawan

At the north end of Palawan Island, you’ll find El Nido, a popular destination for sailing and scuba diving. Blessed with countless smaller islands, sandbars and hidden coves, El Nido makes one of the best places to explore with a yacht charter in the Philippines. A boat rental for the day here will allow you to enjoy time away from the rat race, making your way across diamond blue seas and enjoying precious moments of silence on a deserted island. With so many islands to explore, you’ll want to charter a yacht in El Nido for longer!

Bohol Island

Famed for its Chocolate Hills, whose beautiful conical shapes dot the landscape, Bohol is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll be overrun with tourists. In fact, Bohol is surrounded by smaller islands and hidden bays, not to mention some fantastic diving and snorkeling locations, making it the perfect place to escape. Cebu City is recommended as a base for your yacht charter in the Philippines, and make the best of it by sailing the beautiful Bohol Island.

Danajon Reef

Sitting halfway between Cebu and Bohol, the Danajon Reef is one of the most incredible underwater gems of the Philippines. This double barrier reef stretches some 90 kilometers along the channel between the islands, with incredible underwater scenery, including statues installed to scare off fishermen (whose practices had been degrading the marine life and coral). If you’re visiting the area then a trip to the reef is essential, and easily done with a private yacht charter from Cebu or Bohol. Explore the Olango Reef from Cebu City, or venture out to the Calituban Reef for some proper deep sea diving.

Puerto Galera

This popular resort area is a short hop from the capital Manila, with lots of opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling. With a private boat rental in Puerto Galera, you can use the freedom to explore the many hidden beaches, islands and reefs for an unforgettable day trip. As one of the most popular areas for tourists in the country, away from the main resort area the coastline is still quite undeveloped, making it great for exploring with a Philippines yacht charter.


After becoming an Asian party hotspot, the president of the Philippines ordered this resort island to close for some rehabilitation. Having re-opened, the island has changed it’s image and had a clean up, and is now ready to welcome tourists back to those white sandy shores. A popular pastime in Boracay is to charter a private boat rental to explore the sea and enjoy day trips to nearby Carabao Island. Find your Philippines yacht charter on Boracay with Sailo.

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