Here’s how you can visit Portugal for a surreal experience filled with sailing adventures.

Sailing in Faro

Portugal is replete with lakes and beaches that are perfect for vacations. Read on to discover how you can enjoy them all.

As a coastal city, Portugal boasts a 1794km coastline with a rich historical, traditional and cultural background. The country is known for its seafood, architecture and beach destinations. It is also home to soccer legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo, and plenty of golf courses.

Meanwhile, Faro, one of the megacities in the country, is home to historic monuments and artsy events, making Faro a city full of cultural attractions and seafood.

So far, you know Portugal is replete with interesting attractions, with Faro being a clear leader in this section. If you are visiting the country anytime soon, there are fascinating places that await you. We will discuss them all, plus other interesting coastal places you can visit in Portugal, and where you can rent a boat in Portugal if you’re sailing Faro, Portugal.

Top Places to Visit in Portugal


It is no surprise that Faro tops our list of places to visit in Portugal. The megacity is laden with historic cathedrals, Roman villas and majestic cathedrals, and  is always charged with warmth from the sun that covers the quiet beaches of the city.

Sailing Faro, Portugal, offers you the opportunity to enjoy the Atlantic’s waters and the natural beauty of the environment. The good thing is you can sail Faro even without owning a boat. There are boat rental in Faro, Portugal to sail the area, and party boat rental in Faro if you want to organize a boat party in Faro.


Aside from natural parks and vibrant sea sides, Lisbon boasts the best beaches along the Lisbon coast, including Faro, Cascais, Costa de Caparica and Estoril. In addition, the city has the best seafood restaurants and a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean, so you can enjoy the sea’s natural beauty and sumptuous seafood at the same time.

You can also sail the large waters on the coastline whether you own a boat or not. There are boat rentals in Lisbon you can use if you’ll be sailing Lisbon to neighboring coastal regions.


Lagos is one of the best choices as a vacation destination in Algarve, and Portugal at large. The city is home to several fascinating beaches and rock formations, making it a very sought-after attraction for tourists. Furthermore, Lagos boasts four beautiful beaches you can sail on from different locations.

You can use boat rentals in Lagos if you want to sail the area or host a party. In fact, some of them offer coaching lessons for persons who are interested in learning how to sail. In short, sailing Lagos, Portugal is achievable because of their boat rental services.

Three Beaches You Can Visit in Faro

The Cape of St. Mary

The Cape of St. Mary is arguably the most beautiful place in Faro. The beach is jam-packed with golden sand and sparkling seashells, and can be an amazing site for tourists that wish to go home with beautiful memories. There is the blue water, scenic nature and wooden arch on the beach, and if you feel like it,you can strike a pose and host parties, too. You don’t need to worry about boat rental in Faro, Portugal if you are in this area, because there are yacht rental opportunities in Faro for you.

Ilha Desert

The Ilha Desert is often called Barreta Island, a retreat away from the assiduous activities of the city. Like the Cape of St. Mary, the IIha Desert is also filled with blue waters and golden sand. The good thing about the IIha Desert is that it is very suitable for touring and parties. And you can always visit Faro boat trips rentals and yacht rentals in Faro to book a boat.

Ancao Beach

Ancao Beach is famous for its several resorts and wide shoreline. In addition, the beach has many lounges and restaurants that make it a great choice for a family boat party in Faro. It is family-friendly, activity-filled and pocket-friendly.

Boat Rentals in Faro, Portugal

Sailing Portugal or kayaking is an awesome way of enjoying the scenic nature of Portugal’s coastlines. If you choose to stay in a spot, as is the case of a Faro boat party, you can still enjoy nature’s beauty too.

The beautiful thing about renting a boat in Portugal is there are different boat rentals services in different cities.

For instance, there are boat rentals in Cascais and boat rentals in Portimao, which are coastal places in Portugal. There are also rentals in Vilamoura in case you want to go Vilamoura sailing in the resort while you enjoy your stay in the hotel.

Sailing Portugal

The least of your worries when sailing Portugal should be where to hire boat in Faro. There are several boat rentals in Faro, Portugal so you can rest easy when it comes to Faro boat hire choice, whether you’re looking for sailing boats or luxury yachts. Last, but not least, you should try Cascais sailing, as it’s one of the best experiences you can have on water, when in Portugal.

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