Los Cabos

Sail the waters and treasures of San Cabos

Sailing in Los Cabos

Soak in the crystal waters, geological treasures, desert gardens, and beach strips and bays- San Cabos.

Located at the very top of the Mexico Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is a holiday getaway unlike any other. It is bordered by the Gulf of California from the east and the pacific ocean from the west. It features a sandy desert, 30 million-year-old rock formations, and sandy beaches scattered through the three areas of Cabos San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist corridor (the highway connecting them both).

The heart of Cabo is its people and the breathtaking waterfront. The beauty of the colonial town, the local art, and the culture is only matched by the splendor of the crystal blue sea of Cortez and the pacific ocean, both of which are perfect for boat rentals Cabo San Lucas.

The Beaches of Cabos San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo

Between the two towns that make up vibrant Los Cabos and the strip of resorts and the Tourist corridor, there are dozens of amazing beaches to visit, each boasting a unique style and personality.

If you’re an adventurous soul looking for straight-up fun and want to go sailing Cabo San Lucas, then Medano beach is for you. Located in Cabo San Lucas, it’s a gathering spot for twenty-something-year-olds on spring breaks and party lovers. It is surrounded by glamorous hotels, bars, and restaurants you can cool off at after you’re done with your Cabo catamaran rentals.

It’s within walking distance of Land’s End, a breathing geological marvel millions of years in the making, and it’s the perfect spot to look into boat rentals in Mexico.

Playa del Amor and Divorce beach play foil to the playful Medano and are tamer, but not any less exciting. They are secluded spaces to take in the natural rock formations, wind down, and relax with your companion or yourself. Look into Mexico sailboat charters and sail up close to the structures for a more intimate experience.

If you’d like to swim, snorkel, or fish during your trip to Cabo, check out Chileno beach. It is home to dozens of exotic fish species and the location of many fishing competitions and annual gastronomy events. A Cabo catamaran rental or a private catamaran Cabo San Lucas can take you up close to the action and let you experience the water firsthand. Alternatively, you could also hang back in your catamaran rental Cabo and fish. Other famous beaches include Cerritos beach, Hotelera beach, and Santa Maria Beach.

Land and sea attractions in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is an equal delight on both land and sea, and there is so much to do you couldn’t possibly fit into a single trip.

There are five major Marinas in Los Cabos, each renting out all manner of exciting watercraft from private catamarans to party boats, yachts, and private vessels. It is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a sailboat rental Cabo san Lucas or are excited to explore the water by yourself. Jetski, Kayak, Paddle, and Snorkel up and down the beaches of Los Cabos. Make sure to visit all water landmarks like Land’s End and the famous Arch. Heck, you can even get party boat rentals in Mexico just for the fun of it.

The town and the natural desert surrounding Los Cabos provide a near-inexhaustible source of tourist fun. From dining at the finest restaurants to relaxing at the best resorts and exploring the breathtaking sights in Sa Jose del Cabo. See Wirikuta gardens and learn about all of the amazing desert plants that call the town their home, and take in the rest of the humble colonial town.

All the best Marinas are there in Cabo San Lucas, and so are the best bars, restaurants, and sights. Just as you visit the best marinas in Playa Del Carmen when you’re in the market for a Playa Del Carmen Yacht rental or go to Tulum for Tulum yacht rentals or Vallarta for yacht charters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is the boating center of the town.

It caters to all sorts of exuberances and attractions like beaches, resorts, golf courses, and bars to keep tourists eager and present.

Weather in Los Cabos

The weather is warm and sunny all year round, with temperate spikes and dips like any other tropical or south American seaside town. November through to April is the high season, and the mid 70 degrees F temperatures and local prices reflect this. August through to September make for the rainy season, and the town can see up to 3 inches of rainfall. The cheapest time to visit is at the height of summer. While the temperatures sometimes reach high into the 80s, you won’t find more affordable Los Cabos sailing tours, sailing Cabo San Lucas boats, and Cabo sailing tours.

Making the Trip

Cabo is a far more eclectic and colorful location than most vacationing sports in Mexico, and it can take some time to wrap your head around everything. Luckily, if you book important activities like a catamaran tour Cabo, a sunset sail Cabo San Lucas, or a catamaran tour Cabo San Lucas, you can take most of the challenge out of sailing Los Cabos. Book hotels, restaurants, and even transportation ahead of time to get the smoothest vacationing experience.

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