Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is where you find the relaxed Montenegrin lifestyle. It has gorgeous beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, and an abundance of sailing spots!

Exploring the beaches and old town in Herceg Novi

Sailing guide contains a complete list of the best beaches to visit in Herceg Novi. From Raffaello beach to La Bamba, there’s no shortage of stunning places to relax!

Herceg Novi is very popular for tourists in their Montenegro sailboat charters. The town is known for its quiet and homely Montenegrin lifestyle, making it the perfect relaxing location. Its welcoming nature attracts tourists who rent a boat in Herceg Novi: the locals are cheerful, and street vendors are of the town’s nicest features..

The Financial Times has listed Montenegro as one of the World's Top 10 property hotspots, and tourists have been acquiring properties on the coast for years now. Let’s dive into why Herceg Novi is such a desirable destination and explore all the fun when you take boat rentals in Herceg Novi.

Exploring the town of Herceg Novi

Built on a hill overlooking the ocean, the old town in Herceg Novi is fascinating indeed. You’ll discover this if you stroll through the small stairways, around the doting plazas and various fortresses. The town also has a lot of spirituality, being blessed with a lot of Orthodox and Catholic churches.

The Kanli Kula fortress is a large building overlooking the old town. Here you have breathtaking views of the town and also nearby Kotor bay.

Another fascinating fortress is the Spanjola fortress, situated much higher up the mountain. It is an enlightenment-era fortress right across from the Kanli Kula fortress. The Savina monastery is a few kilometers away from the city center and features three beautiful Orthodox churches.

The Forte Mare fortress is a popular entertainment spot, where they show films at night. The city has lots of pebbles and concrete beaches, although they do usually get crowded. If you arrive early enough in your yacht charters in Herceg Novi, there's a chance to reserve a cozy spot. The small privately owned beaches have loungers, small boats, and other gear for tourists. They also operate several Herceg Novi boat rentals for hire.

To the west of the city lies the spa town of Igalo, famous for its mud therapy, believed to be beneficial for rheumatic complaints, skin disorders, and gynecological problems. The practice is renowned across Europe, and its healing properties are well documented. Health and hospital centers offer complex mud therapy and other treatments, but they are also open to teaching tourists how to administer the treatments themselves.

Along the main square in the Old Town, and almost everywhere else around town, there are small cafes that allow for dining and conversations. They serve great Italian coffee and freshly made delicious cakes and ice creams.

Food and Drink in Herceg Novi

There are lots to eat in Herceg Novi. Its small eateries serve fresh local food, grilled seafood and meat dishes, and international cuisine. Most of the cafes also serve pizza, which is surprisingly good.

The Petica, located at the city center, is a nice spot to sit, drink an espresso, or have pasta or pizza. The seaside Tre Lipe restaurant is next to the Sea Fort. There, you eat in an open-air terrasse while watching tourists sail by in their Herceg Novi yacht rentals.

The town gets very hot in summer, and it can stay warm late into the evenings, so cold drinks are a staple. Try iced coffee with ice cream and "slag", which is short for fatty whipped cream. Local beers are also quite good, and it is highly recommended you try "spritzer".

The best beaches in Herceg Novi

Many great beaches make sailing Herceg Novi, Montenegro, a great experience. Let’s explore which top beaches you should visit when you hire a boat in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

If you want a top beach to rent a boat in Herceg Novi, check out Mud Beach. This public beach is the largest in Herceg Novi and an excellent location for mud therapy. It has a sandy composition, and its shallow water is well suited for kids. There are chairs and umbrellas and a restaurant with delicious food nearby.

You can also take a Herceg Novi sailboat rental to Raffaello beach, which is widely considered the most attractive beach in town. It is a sandy-pebble beach with lots of cafes and restaurants, along with other amenities like deck chairs and umbrellas.

La Bamba is another great beach to explore on sailboat charters in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. This beach is quite large with great services, has a mini water park and services to rent scooters, pedal boats, and other interesting items. There is also a cafe to relax and refresh yourself.

Rent a boat in Montenegro to explore the beaches of Mogren along the Budva Riviera. They feature a quiet cove and blue waters with a dreamy atmosphere. The beaches are also a peaceful escape from the noise at the bay.

The islet of Sveti Stefan is a beach on the Adriatic coast. It features small beaches with a great view of the coastline. The water is primarily turquoise and clear, and the islet is surrounded by greenery and hills. All these features attract tourists with their catamaran rentals in Montenegro rentals.

Drobni Pijesak Beach is a golden beach with clear blue water that is clean and great for swimming. This beach is small and has a serene atmosphere, so if you are looking for a less noisy beach, rent a boat in Kotor to the beach.

Petrovac is also located along the Budva Riviera. It is found in a little town with charming old stone buildings. This resort beach has a relaxing atmosphere compared to the bay, but it does host some clubs and beach parties. If you want to party, take party boats in Kotor to Petrovac.

Sailing around Tivat in sailboat rentals in Tivat is a favorite tourist pastime for many visitors, and the beaches are a testament to that. Przno Beach is a Mediterranean-style beach located in a small fishing village. The beach is a quiet escape from the bay and is well protected from wind and waves. Explore the beach and surrounding village in your Tivat boat rental.

Queen’s Beach is a popular beach named after the Queen Consort of Yugoslavia. It is surrounded by a thick forest, olive trees, parkland and features white sand and clear water. The beach is calm enough for swimming and the water is always cool. Facilities include changing rooms, showers, and toilets. To get to the beach, make sure to reserve your Tivat catamaran charters sailing there ahead of time.

Visit Herceg Novi today

The town may not be the most famous in Montenegro, but Herceg Novi does have some spectacular treats for tourists. Whether you love adventure, sailing, sightseeing, or just escaping the noise of the city, Herceg Novi has something for you.

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