Things to Do in Bimini, Bahamas

Caribbean paradise 50 miles from Miami

If you’re in Miami or Fort Lauderdale and are looking for a taste of the Caribbean, a boat rental to Bimini, Bahamas is your best bet! In no time, you will be in the island mood, enjoying the laid-back, and fun atmosphere of this tropical getaway. The SS Sapona is the perfect spot for diving in Bimini, and kayaking at Gun Cay is a must for water sports enthusiasts. Many say that snorkeling in Bimini is some of the best in the Bahamas. Hop on your Sailo boat and set sail to paradise!

5th Street Marina

Austral International Marina

Bijan's Seafood Restaurant

Best Western On the Bay and Marina

Bill Bird Marina - Haulover Beach Park

Boatyard of Miami

Consolidated Yacht Corporation

Coral Reef Yacht Club

Epic Marina

Fontainebleau Resort Marina

Grove Harbour Marina

Grove Key Marina

Haulover Park Marina

Hurricane Cove Marina

Intracoastal Marina

Jockey Club Marina

La Coloma Marina

Keystone Point Marina

Loggerhead Club & Marina - Aventura

Marbella Marina

Matheson Hammock Marina

Merrill Stevens Yachts

Miami Outboard Club

Miamarina at Bayside

Miami River Yacht Club

Miami Yacht & Engine Works

Miami Yacht Club

Monty Trainor's Marine

Norseman Shipbuilding Marine

North Beach Marina

Oceanika Yachts Marina

Pelican Harbor Marina

Popeye Marina

Power House Marina

River Canal Marina

River Cove Marina

River Run Yacht Club

Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center

Spinnaker Marina

Miami Beach Marina

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Miami Beach Marina

Fontainebleu Marina Pier A

Miami Beach Marina

Haulover Marina

TNT Marine Center

Florida Yacht Group

Bayshore Landing

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Miami Beach Marina

coconut grove

Bayside Marina, Miami

Monty's Coconut Grove


Sunset Harbour Yacht Club

Fountainebleau Hotel Marina

Behind Four Ambassadors Hotel

Haulover Marine Center

Browns Marina

Sea Crest Hotel and Marina

Bimini Sands Marina

Bimini Blue Water Resort

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Bimini Bay Resort And Marina

Diving from a boat rental in Bimini


You are on an island in the middle of the crystal blue ocean and your inner explorer wants to discover the secrets of the sea. The SS Sapona ran aground off of South Bimini Island during a hurricane in 1926. Diving the shipwreck itself and the surrounding waters should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Bimini, Bahamas. Grab your gear and camera, and prepare to take some unforgettable Instagram shots!

Snorkeling the Bimini Road


Off the coast of Bimini, lies a strange, mysterious rock formation that many believe to be the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis. Most scientists give credit to mother nature; however, there are also a lot of conspiracy theorists that vow these rocks are manmade. Whether you believe it to be proof of an ancient civilization or simply a natural wonder, the Bimini Road is recommended as one of the most amazing and intriguing snorkeling spots in the Bahamas.

Kayaking at Gun Cay


If you want to reach Gun Cay, you must travel there by boat rental in Bimini… or by kayak! Anchor at Honeymoon Harbour, and kayak your way to the lighthouse. A famous Bimini activity is a swim with the stingrays. If that makes you uncomfortable; however, you can always admire these gracious sea creatures from the safety of your Sailo boat!

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