Sailing in Bimini, Bahamas on a Boat Rental

A tropical paradise in the Bahamas just a short sailing trip from South Florida

Just 50 miles from Florida, the Bimini Islands are perfect to explore with a boat rental from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy a long weekend and find out why Hemingway and Martin Luther King Jr loved it here.

A slice of tropical paradise, just a short trip from Miami, the Bimini Islands are packed full of things to do for a long weekend away. Arriving by yacht charter from Miami means you’ll be able to island hop, find your perfect cay or beach and then jump in the sparkling sea to explore the vibrant marine life here. Head to Alice Town to stock up on supplies for your boat rental, as well as enjoying a sundowner with a fantastic view across the sea.


Sailing from Florida to the Bahamas

Being so close to South Florida means that many choose to sail over to the Bahamas for an overnight stay, or longer. Although you can make the trip to Bimini as a day trip, by staying to explore you can experience the local culture and cuisine without rushing back. Bimini is actually closer to Florida than to Freeport or Nassau, so Miami makes a great base to explore this far flung part of these islands.

The great thing about having your private yacht charter is that you’re free to explore and follow your own schedule. Choose from bareboats, for those who want to use their own experience and skills, or charter a captained yacht to set sail to the amazing Bimini Islands.


The best things to do in Bimini, Bahamas with a boat rental

Being part of a tropical archipelago such as the Bahamas, of course there is a variety of incredible beaches just waiting for you to discover, but if you’re looking for action there is plenty of choice too. Kayaking and paddle boarding are popular things to do in Bimini, perfect for exploring many of the local cays including the beautiful Honeymoon and Gun Cay. Of course, snorkelling and scuba diving are par for the course around here, so don’t forget to pack a mask and flippers, or check with your captain, as your Bimini boat rental might already have those included in the price.

One of the main things to do in the area is visit the wreck of the SS Sapona. Once a troop transporter, then a liquor store during prohibition, the boat was wrecked during the infamous  hurricane in 1926, and it was subsequently used as target practice for USAF bombers. Today it makes a great place to explore with a snorkel, or to go fishing.


Take an unforgettable trip to Bimini with a boat rental from Sailo!


Loggerhead Club & Marina - Aventura

Haulover Park Marina

Bayside Marina, Miami

Monty's Coconut Grove

Boatyard of Miami

Oceanika Yachts Marina

North Beach Marina

Consolidated Yacht Corporation

Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center

Epic Marina

Power House Marina

Norseman Shipbuilding Marine

Pelican Harbor Marina

Hurricane Cove Marina

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club


Intracoastal Marina

Coral Reef Yacht Club

Haulover Marine Center

Matheson Hammock Marina

Browns Marina

Sea Crest Hotel and Marina

5th Street Marina

Bimini Blue Water Resort

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Bimini Bay Resort And Marina

Jockey Club Marina

Sunset Harbour Yacht Club

Popeye Marina

Merrill Stevens Yachts

Fontainebleau Resort Marina

Spinnaker Marina

Miami Beach Marina

Miami Outboard Club

River Canal Marina

River Cove Marina

Miami River Yacht Club

Miami Yacht & Engine Works

Miami Yacht Club

Marbella Marina

River Run Yacht Club

Monty Trainor's Marine

coconut grove

Austral International Marina

Miami Beach Marina

La Coloma Marina

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Fountainebleau Hotel Marina

Grove Harbour Marina

Miami Beach Marina

Behind Four Ambassadors Hotel

Fontainebleu Marina Pier A

Miami Beach Marina

Miamarina at Bayside

Haulover Marina

TNT Marine Center

Bijan's Seafood Restaurant

Florida Yacht Group

Grove Key Marina

Bimini Sands Marina

Best Western On the Bay and Marina

Bayshore Landing

Bill Bird Marina - Haulover Beach Park

Keystone Point Marina

Sunset Harbour Yatch Club

Diving the SS Sapona in Bimini


This rusted wreck was once used by a local rum runner to supply Florida with booze during the prohibition era. Today, the shell of the SS Sapona is used as a navigational landmark for many boaters in the area, and is one of the most popular places to visit by boat rental in Bimini. Sitting in just 15 feet of water, it’s easy to dive in and take a look around at the sea-life that have made the wreck home. Just three miles offshore from South Bimini Island, make sure to visit SS Sapona on your Bahamas sailing trip.

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Diving or snorkeling the Bimini Road


Thanks to its linear underwater formation, locals believe that Bimini Road is all that remains of the fabled city of Atlantis. Whatever it is, the Bimini Road is an unmissable attraction for snorkelers and divers visiting the area, easily accessible with your boat rental. Sitting in around 18 foot of water, the formation follows a path around one mile underwater, just off the shores of North Bimini Island. You’ll spot a plethora of fish, as well as nurse and hammerhead sharks, kingfish and more. If you’re lucky maybe even encounter dolphins and turtles…



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Explore Turtle Rocks on a Bimini boat rental


Just south of South Bimini Island, Turtle Rocks are a formation jutting out of the sea which offer fantastic and varied underwater terrain. For snorkelling, the shallows around the rocks are teeming with sea-life including stingrays and, as the name implies, turtles. Going down to 115 feet deep, the rocks offer a great opportunity for all levels of divers, with sharks, eagle rays and barracuda calling the area around here home. 


Enjoy local cuisine in Alice Town


All that sailing and snorkeling sure works up an appetite, and thankfully there are plenty of places to enjoy some exquisite cuisine in the Bimini Islands. Enjoy a traditional (and very fiery) fresh conch salad, fresh lobster tails, grilled fish or spicy jerk dishes at many of the shacks and bars across Alice Town. Wash it all down with a cool Sands beer, which is the local brew, and finish it off with Guava Duff, a traditional dessert made from guava and rum. A perfect end to a fantastic sailing trip on your Sailo boat rental.

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