A sailing tour guide to Alicante, Spain

Exploring the beaches and nightlife in Alicante

This guide contains a great list of the best places you need to visit while in Alicante. These include ancient landmarks, beautiful beaches, and amazing souvenir shops.

The port city of Alicante is located in southeastern Spain. It is noted for its curved narrow streets, stylish houses and nightlife. Getting there is a breeze as the airport of Alicante-Elche is only a few kilometers from the center of the town, and accessible from all parts. If you want to rent a boat in Alicante, boat rentals in Palma de Mallorca can get you from Mallorca to the city.

Exploring Alicante by a sailboat charter

One of the first things you should see is the Explanada de Espana, near the beach at the marina. This seafront is noted for its graceful mosaic tiles which often let out a golden shimmer due to the sun’s reflections.

The next spot we recommend is Old town, the historic center of Alicante. It has charming colorful houses adorned with beautiful plants on the balconies. These will make for excellent pictures, and you should take full advantage of the background while there.

There is also Castell de Santa Bàrbara, located atop Mount Benacantil, which is the highest point in Alicante. The historical castle is accessible by long staircases and an elevator, giving tourists a chance to explore its mysterious network of tunnels.

Alicante also has several ferrying services to explore nearby places. Tenerife yacht rentals sail to the nearby archipelago of Tenerife, while there are also Ibiza yacht rentals for a more adventurous journey through the Spanish archipelago.

Sample Alicante’s cuisine

Paella is one of the best and most popular dishes in Alicante. It has a variable recipe and could be made from rabbit, snail or chicken. The dish is often served with Bomba rice, Lima beans, green beans and snails.

Rice stocked with fish is also a staple dish in Alicante. It’s particularly popular among tourists because it can be enjoyed with a variety of fish, including monkfish and cuttlefish. Other ingredients in this amazing meal include potatoes, onions, rice, garlic and saffron.

If you're feeling adventurous, try Denia prawns. They are usually cooked simply with local spices and can either be boiled in seawater or quickly grilled with a little rock salt to get a true Alicante taste.

There’s an entire annual event around this delicious seafood. It’s called the annual Denia prawn cooking competition, and it attracts the town’s best chefs for a delectable cook-off.

Visit the beaches when renting a boat charter in Alicante

Alicante boasts scenic beaches with lush greenery and picturesque waters. There is no other way to go sailing Ibiza than doing it in style off the coast of beaches in Alicante. Here is a great list of some of the best beaches to visit in Alicante.

First off is Playa de Levante Beach in the resort of Benidorm. It has a number of restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs with lots of parties. The best yacht rentals in Spain are available there, and you can also participate in water sports like riding jet skis and parasailing.

The Playa San Juan Beach is another wonderful beach in Alicante. It is not far from the old town and is the most popular beach in the city. It has crystal white sand with a magnificent view of the sea in your boat hire in Alicante.

If you’re looking for a great spot to rent an Alicante yacht charter, you don’t need to look any further than the picturesque Playa del Portet. This location is a popular sailing Alicante destination for families and friend groups. It has a scenic sandy beach, renowned restaurants with great food, cafes and fun spots carved around every part of it.

When you finally rent a yacht in Alicante, you have to sail past the beautiful Platja de la Granadella. It has a reputation for being the most beautiful beach in Alicante with its scenic ambiance and overall calming environment.

Playa Del Postiguet is another favorite spot for tourists on their boat rental Alicante Spain. The beach is next to the city and marina, so once you dock your boat there, can go sailing away to this private secluded beach.

Enjoy your visit to Alicante

Alicante has something for you whether you prefer fine cuisine, crystal-blue waters, adventure, or just a bit of fun.

It is even more magical when you consider the locations around it. Barcelona boat rentals are available to ferry you across to nearby Barcelona. Plus, you can travel on any of the available catamaran rentals in Barcelona to nearby Mallorca where renting any of the Mallorca catamaran charters will get you a first hand view of the archipelago.

Finally, you and your crew can join aboard any of the exclusive yacht charters in Alicante back to the port city for more views and adventures.

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