Here are some of the best places to find an unforgettable sailing experience in Tivat, Montenegro!

The ultimate sailing Tivat guide

Tivat is blessed with stunning views, great beaches, and spectacular sailing destinations. Read on to discover the best places to visit during your trip!

Tivat is a seaside town on the Bay of Kotor, known for its numerous apartment buildings. Its other attraction is the Porto Montenegro marina, a prime spot for tourists looking for yacht charters in Tivat.

The marina is a top location on the Bay of Kotor and is partly responsible for Tivat’s reputation as a budding tourist relaxation hub. It. Let us explore this beautiful town and the best beaches for sailing Tivat, Montenegro.

Exploring Tivat: Fun things to do

Tivat’s promenade stretches a long distance, going from the town marina to the ferry in Lepetane. This provides a great atmosphere for a stroll and sightseeing. You can check out the landscape, stroll in the cool breeze, mingle with tourists, and watch them sail in their sailboat charters in Tivat, Montenegro.

You should also check out the Buca gallery, located in the center of town. Its old stone walls and tower are unmistakable and excellent for pictures. Built in the 15th Century, it was once the summer residence of the noble Buca family and now serves as Tivat's museum. Artifacts to find inside include ethnographic exhibitions showcasing the transitions, culture, and lifestyle of Tivat.

The Solila nature reserve is also an interesting place in Tivat. It has a walking path and elevated lookouts where you get a magnificent view of the reserve and of the bay filled with Tivat sailboat rental.

Porto Montenegro is a platinum-rated marina and a top destination for tourists in the Bay of Kotor. It is located adjacent to the Tivat center and is open to tourists. The marina is always full of tourists in their Tivat yacht rentals and a stroll will show you some of the most luxurious yachts in the world.

Beyond the marina, you can check out the Naval Heritage Museum. It used to be one of the largest naval bases on the Adriatic and now houses over 300 exhibits of Tivat's naval history. You can also see a restored Yugoslav submarine in the museum. From the waterfront, stroll till you get to Porto Montenegro, and the road will lead you to the Adriatic highway in Donja Lastva.

Along the way you will see Seljanovo and the scenic Donja Lastva, which has old stone buildings and Sveti Roko church. There are plenty of stops for a drink or snacks along the way.

Tivat Bay also provides a perfect location to enjoy water sports. The water is well protected from the Adriatic Sea, so the sea is always calm. If you love water sports, take one of the Tivat boat rentals to the bay.

The best beaches in Tivat

Tivat is really loved for its stunning beaches. There are so many gorgeous beaches to enjoy when you rent a boat in Tivat. Let us explore some of them.

Queen’s Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Tivat and a great place to sail in a Tivat boat rental. It boasts thick forestry filled with olive trees, wildlife, and parkland. This white sand has crystal clear turquoise water. The beach is great for sailing and swimming, and it has excellent amenities such as changing rooms, showers, and toilets.

The Plavi horizonti, along the Tivat Riviera, is another great place to take your boat rentals in Tivat. The gorgeous backdrop features a rocky terrain that keeps the water cool even during the hottest summers. Like Queen’s beach, Plavi has a park and a forest and is a terrific location to take the sailboat rentals in Tivat.

Przno Beach is another top beach to take your Tivat catamaran charters. It is located in a village with locals who are welcoming to tourists. If you want a quiet escape from Tivat bay, then Przno should be on top of your list.

Top Beaches when sailing near Tivat

Along the Montenegrin coast, Jaz beach is an excellent beach for tourists. This beach has something for all tourists and is located near Budva. Fun activities you can enjoy in your Montenegro sailboat charters include sunbathing, guided cruises, parties, sunbathing, fishing, and so much more.

The islet of Sveti, along the Adriatic coast, has a breathtaking coastline of oceans and waves. The beach is surrounded by trees and rocks, and it also has clear blue water. Take one of the catamaran rentals in Montenegro to explore Sveti.

You can also rent a boat in Montenegro to Kamenovo Beach, also on the Adriatic Sea. The beach has lovely vegetation and wildlife. The water flows onto a sandy pebble on the beach surface, and you can lounge and sunbathe under the warm Adriatic sun. Amenities include showers, changing rooms, and a spot for kids. The beach also has a bar and restaurants in case of refreshments.

Herceg Novi is a popular destination close to Tivat and is famous worldwide for its mud therapy. Mud beach is a popular tourist destination where this therapy is practiced. If you are up for some therapy, rent a boat in Herceg Novi to Mud beach. It also has sandy terrain, great for sunbathing, and a fun playground for children.

If you want to leave the bay to nearby Kotor, rent a boat in Kotor to Bečići Beach. This beach is not only a great place to hang out and relax in the sun but is also a top destination for celebrities visiting Montenegro. The beach once hosted the Paris Grand Prix. Bečići is also great for parties, and you have a chance to mingle with your favorite Hollywood stars in the party boats in Kotor available on the beach.

Tivat is a great sailing location in Montenegro

Montenegro has a lot of top destinations, but Tivat stands out as the number one choice. The bay and surrounding area are a marvel, the people are welcoming, the town has many landmarks to explore, and the beaches are great too! If you love sailing, there is so much to see when you hire a boat in Tivat, Montenegro.

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