Sailing in Antalya

Find the best ways to explore Antalya, Turkey

There are many ways to enjoy a sailing trip to Antalya. But if you read on, you’ll discover the best ones!

Antalya is a resort city in Turkey, known for its Antalya yacht rental filled harbors and beautiful beaches. The city also has cultural influences that show its Roman heritage, extending as far as the 2nd Century. Yacht hire in Antalya is the favorite sailing pastime for tourists here, so be sure to book yacht charters in Fethiye while planning your trip to Antalya.

Getting to the city is a breeze as most flights will touch down at the International Airport. You can also take a ferry from neighboring Islands by getting a boat hire in Antalya or an Antalya yacht rental from the nearby Greek island of Rhodos, docking in Marmaris.

Explore Antalya by a sailboat charter

The famous medieval old town of Kaleiçi has narrow, curved maze-like roads perfect for sightseeing and strolling. This is the perfect spot for a hike before beginning your sea-borne adventures. You will also find shops, Ottoman-style houses, boutiques and restaurants along the cobblestone streets. These are perfect for a little vacation shopping.

The city center is protected by a large fortress gate which doubles as a great background for pictures. Next to it, you’ll find the Enlightenment-era Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque with its history-rich walls.

The old harbor of Antalya is to the north of the old town, with lines of cafes and restaurants for tourists and travelers who have docked at the harbor. A favorite of tourists is the luxury yacht rental in Istanbul that’s available in this harbor, for travels out to the Mediterranean.

Antalya is still the city’s main trading and economic spot, with many boats and traders sailing Antalya and the nearby regions bringing prosperity and trade to the region. In addition, the harbor has some of the best motor yacht charters in Turkey for travelers to revel in the Antalya sunset or take a guided excursion around the surrounding regions.

The peaks of the Taurus Mountains in Antalya are also available for exploration for daring travelers, along with Antalya’s famed museum, showcasing dazzling collections from the Bronze and Byzantium ages and everything in-between. The museum also has exhibits of the Hellenistic and Roman eras, which is a stunning place to visit.

Some other amazing places to visit are the cliffs and coastlines, perfect for exploring when you take a boat hire in Antalya. Local guides are also available, independently run and offer the best services you can find of any gulet rental in Turkey.

Sail the Beautiful Beaches in Antalya

Antalya’s beaches cater to visitors and tourists who can get a private yacht in Antalya for exploring the ancient port city.

The Konyaalti Beach is at the west of the town, known for its peak full of mountains rolling down to the coastline beyond and palm tree lines next to snack shops, cafés, and restaurants. There are lots of guest facilities there, and fun activities include snorkeling, and sailing in a yacht charter in Antalya. You can also explore surrounding areas such as Marmaris; Marmaris yacht charters are available for rentals in the area.

Lara beach is another great spot, and this time, it’s to the south of the city. It is a well-known destination for its white sand and beautiful scenery. Facilities are plentiful, and friendly locals run cafés and restaurants. If you want to explore the open water, rest assured because Antalya yacht rentals are available for you.

Cirah beach, or Olympos to some people, is a historic and beautiful beach. Many local business people provide great services, including entertainment, cuisine, accommodation and a guided tour in Bodrum yacht charters. It is quiet and has a homely vibe, so it's perfect for more reserved guests.

Tucked away in the cliffs and mountains, Konyaaltı is another popular beach in Antalya. It has a stunning landscape view, and it stretches out for miles. Many cafes and restaurants there are run by locals, and Antalya sailing in Gocek yacht charters can enhance your enjoyment of the area.

Enjoy your visit when renting a gulet in Antalya

Antalya is indeed one of the best summer resort towns in Turkey. Its beaches and resorts are always a favorite of tourists, and its mixed history and archaeological sites are a marvel for visitors. Whatever your tastes, be sure that Antalya has something for every traveler.

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