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Boat rentals in Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey


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Yacht Charter from Fethiye and Göcek | Gulet for Hire in Turkey

Set sail on a Sailo yacht charter from Fethiye and Göcek to enjoy some of Turkey’s finest scenery, considered by many a hidden boating paradise waiting to be discovered. From the famous Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz, ideal to explore on a gulet for hire in Turkey, to the amazing Butterfly Valley or the historical site of Dalyan, there is plenty for you to do on a Sailo boat! Cruise the beautiful waters of the southern Aegean sea, drop anchor on your yacht charter from Fethiye and Göcek to take a swim or just relax, admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Turquoise Coast. Sailing along the coast on your gulet for hire in Turkey gives you the chance to visit some of the best preserved ancient sites, notably the Lycian tombs. If old ruins are not your thing, then beautiful beaches, welcoming seaside villages or beachside resorts might be, so make sure to check out our comprehensive Sailing Guide before finalizing your next boating vacation plans. Once you’ve picked a Sailo yacht charter in Fethiye or Göcek, we also encourage you to start a conversation with the boat representative to talk about itinerary options, or make special arrangements for your trip.


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