Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is one of the best sailing destinations in Mexico. Here’s how you can enjoy your visit!

Sailing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Read on to discover the best places to visit in Isla Mujeres, from the beaches to the nearby destinations!

The beautiful Isla Mujeres is an island in the Caribbean, east of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a top tourist spot on the Mexican coast, with a cooler peak season and sweltering summer seasons. It is a haven for shark lovers who hop on a sailboat rental in Isla Mujeres to get a chance to see its over 400 sharks.

Getting to Isla Mujeres by a sailboat rental

You can get on a ferry sailing Isla Mujeres, Mexico, from Puerto Juarez/Gran Puerto in Cancun, it’s just a 15-minute ride. You can also join a catamaran rental in Mexico from Playa Tortugas, with departures occurring four times weekly.

There is also an Isla Mujeres sailing charter from Punta Sam in downtown Cancun.

See and explore Isla Mujeres as a tourist

The island has a more laid-back nightlife compared to Cancun. The most lively nightlife location is Hidalgo Street, boasting relaxing and fun beach bars. You will get to taste over 150 different tequilas while watching tourists sailing in their Isla Mujeres boat rental.

After a day enjoying the island's beaches in Isla Mujeres sailboat rental, visit Buho's. This bar on the beach has nice hammocks, serves great snacks, and is open till much later than most bars on the island.

Sail on your yacht rental in Isla Mujeres to the south of the island, where you will find Punta Sur. This location is the highest point in the Yucatan Peninsula and once housed a lighthouse and temple. These days, it has a modern art sculpture park for tourists.

Best beaches to visit when sailing Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres has an intriguing rocky coastline with tranquil, protected beaches filled with soft white sand. Its coastline is dotted with cute houses, a military base, a dolphin marina, an aqua park, and a turtle farm. These landmarks make Isla Mujeres sailing such an adventurous experience.

Most of the beautiful beaches on the island are located up north. This is where most tourists go sailing on an Isla Mujeres private boat rental. Its southern part is mostly hilly, with a jagged shoreline. Enjoying the view on a Isla Mujeres catamaran tour is a fantastic tourist experience.

To the east, the powerful waves crash against the rugged coast, with strong currents and sharp rocks covering most of the ocean. As with many other islands on the Mexican coast, Isla Mujeres has lots of breathtaking beaches. We will explore the best ones to sail in your catamaran rental in Isla Mujeres.

Check out Playa Norte (or North Beach) in a sailboat rental in Mexico. This is the most popular and accessible beach on the island, and is a great location to go fishing. It is also great for beach sports, kayaking, snorkeling, and lounging on the clean sand. The beautiful palm trees provide ample shade, with the palapa restaurants and bars serving chilled drinks and warm snacks. This beach is a sheltered location, away from rough currents and winds. The water is crystal clear and shallow, with calm waves. It is a great spot for family hangouts and picnics.

Sail on your Mexico yacht charters to Playa Tiburon, a sheltered beach on the western coast. This public beach is nestled between beach bars and private residences. Its beach clubs are famous for lunch and dinner retreats, and it has a peaceful atmosphere. You will also find open-air beachfront restaurants and shops on this beach. The water is great for snorkeling, kayaking, and canoeing. Amenities include a swimming pool and clean changing rooms.

Best beaches near Isla Mujeres by a sailboat charter

When you are done exploring the beaches in Mujeres, the Mexican coastline has some other interesting locations to check out. Most of these beaches are nearby and accessible in less than an hour, so you can take an Isla Mujeres boat rental there, have fun on the beach and return in the evening.

Hop aboard a Tulum yacht rental and sail to the beautiful Playa Paraíso. This is reputedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico and does get overcrowded due to the endless tourist visits. But Playa Paraíso stretches very far, with a wide coastline providing plenty of space for everyone. It has sugar-white sands with crystal clear waters.

On a Cancun sailboat charter, sail to Playa Delfines. This resort beach is one of the largest, most beautiful and most popular beaches in Cancun. It has amazingly scenic blue water and crisp white sand, with amenities such umbrellas, and clean restrooms. Note that the waves here are powerful, so be careful if you are not a great swimmer.

Another great beach to check out in a Cancun boat rental is Costa Mujeres. This beach, close to Cancun's Hotel Zone is a gated luxury of sunny coastlines and warm sand. The beach is located in a gated community with resorts, high-end restaurants, a golf course, and many other amenities.

The next beach to explore in Cancun is Playa Norte, famous for its high-end hotels and beach restaurants. Take your party boat rental in Cancun to explore its crystalline waters and lounge on the soft, sugary sand.

Sail on a Puerto Vallarta boat rental to Yelapa, a tropical and exotic village. Located south of the island, the beach is dotted with restaurants and beach clubs with a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurants serve the famous homemade pies, one of the most delicious treats in Mexico.

Lastly, check out Las Gemelas Beach. This hidden beach is also located in Puerto Vallarta and is a haven for locals. Tourists are also welcome to sail its clear turquoise waters in a Puerto Vallarta sailboat rental and sunbathe on its warm sand.

Set sailing in Isla Mujeres today

There are so many interesting sights and attractions to see in your private catamaran in Isla Mujeres. From sunset cruises, marine life, beautiful beaches, and parties, there is always something fun to do in your private boat charter in Isla Mujeres.

So, plan that vacation today and create lasting memories in your Isla Mujeres boat party.

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