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This sailing guide shows you the best beaches in Oahu, Hawaii and plenty more

Your number one sailing guide to Oahu

Oahu perfectly embodies the relaxed Hawaiian lifestyle. If you’re looking for a laid-back vacation, visit this amazing destination using the information in this guide!

The gorgeous island of Oahu is Hawaii's most populous island and its third largest in size. It is a major cultural and social center in Hawaii and hosts thousands of tourists sailing in Oahu.

The island has all the major amenities and conveniences a city can provide, such as a bustling nightlife, excellent restaurants, public transportation and culture centers, shopping and lodging, and much more. It also has amazing parks and beaches, all within reach, with a sailboat rental in Oahu.

We will explore all the details you need as a tourist in Oahu, its famous pineapple fields, white sand beaches, mountain trails, and parks. We will also list the best beaches to explore in Oahu on a private yacht charter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Exploring Oahu as a tourist

Before you take that sunset cruise in Oahu, check out what this island has in store for you on land. Some interesting locations to check out in Oahu include fantastic wrecks such as The Seaplane Wreck, theCorsair Airplane Wreck and the Mahi Wreck. These wrecks can be explored while sailing on your Oahu catamaran cruise.

When you’re done with the wrecks tour, engage in shopping and fine dining in Oahu. The island has a variety of excellent meals to keep you well-fed throughout your stay. After restaurants, you can opt in for some entertainment such as events, movie screenings, or scenic golf courses, or maybe attractions such as Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Party lovers can take their party boat to Oahu outside the city since this is where most of the fun happens. Sites to explore in your party boat rentals in Oahu include Hanauma Bay, Kualoa Ranch, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, and the Arizona Memorial.

Fun things to do in Oahu

Go scuba diving in your private boat rentals in Oahu. The island has amazing coral reefs filled to the brim with tropical marine fishes. The best places to take your sailing charter in Oahu are Hanauma Bay, Waikiki, and Pupukea. They are renowned for their conservation efforts in protecting marine life.

You can also try windsurfing and surfing at Waikiki and North Shore, and Kailua Beach. Waikiki is particularly great for recreational water sports, so sailing there in your yacht rental in Oahu can be a memorable experience.

Go kayaking on the Mokulua Islands and visit the bird and turtle sanctuaries located there. Sail with whales, and dolphins, and explore coral reefs filled with turtles and tropical fish in a party boat in Oahu.

Exploring the best beaches in Oahu

There are many top Oahu beaches to sail on catamaran rentals in Honolulu, HI. Lanikai Beach is one of them, with calm blue water and a dreamy rocky formation. The water is warm and clear, the sand is white and very fine, it is rarely crowded, and you can engage in lots of activities here. These include water sports, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling in your boat rental in Waikiki, HI.

Check out Waikiki in one of the catamaran rentals in Waikiki, HI. This beach delivers the ultimate Hawaiian beach experience, with two miles of whitesand, tall palm trees, and warm, blue water. The beach is also safe for swimming due to its gentle waves, while your safety is guaranteed with the already available jetties. There are also lots of luxury hotels and resorts, stores and luxury restaurants in Waikiki.

Turtle Bay beach is another great beach to explore in Hawaii catamaran charters. It is a protected bay filled with green sea turtles. Its gentle waves make it great for swimming and snorkeling, and it also has a rocky bottom for marine life lovers.

If you are looking for the most fun location to sail in yacht charters in Mexico, check out Waimea Bay.  This bay is a popular surfing spot, with gentle waves making it great for swimming and snorkeling. Waimea Bay also boasts lots of facilities like clean restrooms, outdoor showers, food trucks, and round-the-clock lifeguards.

Check out the best beaches near Oahu

Hop on yacht charters in New Zealand to Maitai Bay. This location is famous for its clean, clear water and pristine white sand. It is the ultimate summer escape, with the chance to swim, snorkel, kayak, and sunbathe. There is also a winery and vineyard nearby for wine lovers.

If you are in Queensland, rent a boat in Australia to Whitehaven Beach. This beach is a popular tourist resort and one of Australia’s best-rated beaches. Its lengthy coastline is dotted with powdery white sand and tropical turquoise sea. After a day of swimming and sailing, you should also check out the nearby National Park.

Rent a boat in California to Laguna Beach, one of the best beaches in California. It is a collection of coves close to a larger Main Beach, located in the middle of town.

When you are done, sail to La Jolla while still on your sailboat charters in California. A top-rated beach in California, La Jolla has an enviable and adventurous shoreline. It is an excellent family beach, with lifeguards always on duty, filled with calm waters and a long, sandy shoreline. Activities here include snorkeling, watching the leopard sharks, and kayaking in your party boat rentals in California.

Finally, sail to Makena Beach State Park in Maui boat rentals. This beach is the most photographed in Hawaii, dotted with beautiful rocky formations, vegetation, crisp white sand, and gorgeous shoreline. Amenities include lifeguards on duty, public restrooms and showers.

Enjoy your stay in Oahu

We have explored the beauty of Oahu and why this beautiful island should be your next holiday destination. It combines the tropical beauty of Hawaii, with the atmosphere of a modern city. It has long, beautiful beaches with perfect water so sail in Oahu boat charters. So, when next you are in Hawaii get on a catamaran in Oahu, Hawaii, to visit this scenic island.

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