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Reggio Calabria has all a tourist dreams for a vacation – beautiful beaches, great culture, fine cuisine and wildlife!

The best sailing adventures for tourists going to Reggio Calabria

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The beautiful city of Reggio di Calabria is located south of Italy. It is also a ferry port city for those sailing in a sailboat rental in Reggio Calabria to Sicily. It has a great connection to antiquity and the Hellenistic period. Apart from that, many tourists cross the city in a private boat rental in Reggio Calabria to explore the nearby island of Messina.

You can easily get to Reggio by sea on boat charters in Reggio Calabria sailing from Villa San Giovanni. This tour guide takes you on a journey of this beautiful Italian city, its attractions, and of course, its beaches, and lets you know why Reggio Calabria sailing is a top tourist activity.

Things to see in Reggio Calabria

Before you explore its beaches in boat rentals in Reggio Calabria, let us see the wonder of Reggio on land. Reggio has an elegant and modern Amphitheater, alluding to its strong Roman and Hellenistic past.

Stroll through the pedestrian streets of Corso Garibaldi, through to the main squares of Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Duomo, Piazza de Nava, and Piazza d'Italia.

Visit the historic Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, a celebration of Greek-Roman culture. This museum celebrates its unique story and accompanying artifacts. The top tourist draw is the Bronzi di Riace - full-size bronze sculptures of nude Greek warriors.

While in Reggio, you should also visit the Chiesa degli Ottimatia, a 10th-century Norman church. It has a neo-Byzantine style and holds many religious symbols and artifacts.

Things to do in Reggio Calabria

Ride the ferry on a Reggio Calabria boat rentals for a view of the straits in Sicily. You can also experience the Festa della Madonna della Consolazione religious procession on the second Saturday in September.

Visit the neoclassical 1500-seater Teatro Comunale Francesco Cilea for live shows, such as musical and theatrical performances.

Best beaches in Reggio Calabria

Let's explore the top beaches to sail on a luxury yacht rental in Reggio Calabria.

Book the Reggio Calabria boat tours and sail to Grotticelle. This beach has rich natural beauty and is perfect for sightseeing in a Reggio Calabria yacht charter. There are flat, mountainous landscapes, a beautiful bay with white sand coves, majestic cliffs, and lush greenery.

The beach is excellent for diving and underwater fishing. The turquoise waters are great for sunset parties in a party boat rental in Reggio Calabria, and in the night, it gives off a splendid aroma.

Reggio offers guided tours in a Reggio Calabria boat rental with captain. This tour takes you to Chianalea di Scilla, a gorgeous fishing town. It has colorful houses built directly on the rocks and they are surrounded by the sea.

In your yacht rentals in Reggio Calabria, Italy, you get to tour this magical town’s oceanfront, relax on the beach, enjoy the sun, sail on the crystal blue water, visit the Ruffo castle, and enjoy a stunning view of the Aeolian Island.

You cannot visit Italy without having some fun, and the best location for party boat rentals in Reggio Calabria, Italy is Le Castella. This location is another haven of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria. Its stunning landscape is made up of imposing cliffs and lush vegetation.

There is much beauty to explore in sailboat rentals in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Check out the Posidonia meadows, the Capo Rizzuto, and the sea coves. Its sunset views are also irresistible in catamaran rentals in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Explore the beautiful Marina de l’Isola in your yacht rentals in Messina, Italy. This renowned beauty of nature is located in the province of Vibo Valentia. It is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria, with calm and nuanced waters and numerous treasures on the seabed. It has white sand and blue waters accompanied by luxurious vegetation.

Your yacht rentals in Capo d'Orlando, Italy will also take you to the fortresses and rock landscapes that adorn the area, as well as the adjoining Sicilian coast.

Sailing in Italy is not complete till you check out Roccella Ionica Beach. Tourists love to rent a yacht charter in Italy to explore this paradise due to its soft fine sand and calm, clear sea.

This beach offers a peaceful and relaxing escape from the noise in Italy, surrounded by wildlife such as colorful fish and marine flora. Its extensive promenade allows for pleasant natural walks, while the shoreline has scenic views of the ocean and tourists sailing in their yacht charter in Reggio Calabria.

Rent a boat in Reggio Calabria to Copanello near the Costa degli Aranci. This small picturesque beach has turquoise shades with light and soft sand. It is set between two cliffs next to interesting archaeological remains, inlets, and caves. The warm and shallow sea is great for swimmers and ideal for family sailing tours in Reggio Calabria charter boats.

Best beaches outside Reggio Calabria

If you are sailing Portofino as a tourist, you should check out the beach of Paraggi. This beach is arguably Portofino’s finest and is extremely popular with both tourists and locals. It has a gorgeous castle up ahead, with a clean and serene environment.

This beach is very dreamy; the breeze is calm and refreshing, and the pebble-filled waters have a gorgeous emerald color. Get on the Portofino yacht rentals to explore the gorgeous emerald water and scenic views of Paraggi.

Rent a boat in Venice to Dino Isle to the northern coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This location is a paradise of untouched natural beauty, full of rare vegetation and plants. It also has rich seabeds with flora, fauna, and various diverse wildlife. The sea is perfect for diving lovers, and the lush vegetation makes for scenic views when sailing in a Capri boat rental.

San Nicola Arcella Beach is a great location for tourists to sail in a Sardinia yacht charter. This wonderful beach has always attracted large crowds due to its natural beauty and uncontaminated landscapes. Attractions in your Amalfi Coast yacht charter include views of the wide coastline ranging from turquoise to blue, as well as its low cliffs surrounded by nature and its spectacular sunset.

Sail on boat rentals in Sorrento to Diamante Beach on the northern coast of Calabria. This beautiful golden beach has a lengthy shoreline with excellent coves and volcanic cliffs. The water is transparent and crystalline, with an enchanting view of the natural seabed underneath. The waterfront beaches have some of the best cuisine offerings you will find in Calabria, with scenic views of the shoreline and tourists sailing in their Sicily yacht charter.

Tourists rent a boat in Genoa to the Bay of Soverato for the beauty of its beaches. This busy beach is packed full of clubs and restaurants, with much natural wildlife, such as rare seahorses. The breathtaking shoreline is surrounded by plants and palm trees, with a large promenade and hiking trails. Its gorgeous depths and blue turquoise water offer much entertainment in boat rentals in Naples, Italy.

Get on the yacht rentals in Marsala, Italy, to Pizzo Calabro Beach. This beautiful sea is located in a charming town with a rugged coastline and rocky beaches. Bask in the amazing sunset over the sea, while enjoying the beach’s famous ice cream treat.

Why you should set sail in Reggio Calabria

Reggio is one of the most scenic locations for tourists in Sicily. It explores the beautiful intersection of Roman and Greek culture, and its people have a good vibe. The city is generally safe and great for the kids to tag along. Whatever your interests, be sure that Reggio has attractions for you.

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