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Sailing in Canada

This huge country is famed for stunning mountain vistas, arctic landscapes and friendly people. Sailing in Canada with a yacht charter offers some unique potential to explore this incredible country.

Although a sailing vacation in Canada isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of this huge country, there are in fact lots of great opportunities to explore by boat rental.

From Vancouver in the west to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the east, via the Great Lakes, Canada truly is a land of contrasts (excuse the cliché).

Sailing in Canada can mean whatever you want it to. Exploring the rugged coastline, enjoying a day on a motor yacht close to shore, or enjoying an incredible party aboard a boat rental in Vancouver.

Find your perfect yacht charter in Canada with Sailo and get ready to see a whole other side to the Great White North.

Fun on the water

When it comes to a memorable day out with friends or family, a boat rental in Canada is an excellent choice. Whatever the level of sailing experience, you’ll be able to find a yacht charter to match. With a captained boat rental, you’re free to relax and enjoy fishing, swimming, enjoying some food or even a personalized itinerary. Bring along a paddle board or kayak to explore closer to shore, and make sure to bring sunscreen (yes, it gets hot in Canada too!).

Exploring the coastline

If you are prepare for a bareboat rental, you can truly enjoy the exhilarating sailing experience and set a course to wherever you want.

Canada truly is a land of unspoilt landscapes and hidden gems. With a private yacht charter you’ll be able to sail away to wherever you wish and see what you find.

Discover the incredible things to do in Canada with Sailo and find a private yacht charter to suit your sailing plans.

Vancouver and British Columbia

Sail one day, ski the next. In Vancouver this is totally possible with a yacht charter from Sailo. Use your Vancouver boat rental to enjoy a day on the water with the family, go fishing, head to one of the many small villages and islands or just take your ideal yacht out for a spin for a few hours. Another option is a party yacht rental in Vancouver, which offers a unique opportunity for an unforgettable venue.

Whatever your plans, a Sailo boat rental is the easiest ways to enjoy sailing in Canada.

Toronto and the Great Lakes

Situated right on Lake Ontario, Toronto offers a great opportunity for sailing in Canada. The city is a great place to head out for a sunset sailing trip, or enjoy a party on your own private boat charter. In fact, you’re just a few hours drive from some of the other Great Lakes too, so you have plenty of choice for an enjoyable boating vacation in Canada.

With a Sailo yacht charter you can get out on the water for as long as you want, from just a few hours to a couple of days.

Montreal and Quebec

Beautiful Montreal is one of the most popular places to visit in Canada, but did you know it’s also a great place to experience sailing in Canada? With her location at the intersection of multiple rivers and lakes, Montreal offers a surprising amount of potential for fun with a boat rental. From bachelor or bachelorette boat parties, to a day with a motor yacht soaking up the cultural ambiance.

However long you’re in town for, or whatever your sightseeing plans, enjoy a Sailo boat rental in Montreal!

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Rugged and wild is how most would describe Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Both of these provinces are full of incredible sailing potential, with some of the most dramatic landscapes in North America (and that's saying something). Despite the wild appearance, sailing in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is surprisingly accessible. Novice sailors are advised to hire a captained yacht charter, or, if you’ve got the sailing experience, jump aboard a bareboat!

The east coast of Canada is also an excellent place to enjoy some fishing and even with a few hours you can enjoy some thrilling sailing in Canada.

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