There’s a lot to see in the Netherlands, from the natural landscapes, parks, windmills. museums, beaches, and much more.

Tourist guide when sailing in Amsterdam, NL

Amsterdam is a unique city in Europe and one of the best places to visit on vacation. Find out why in this guide !

The Netherlands is a beautiful country in northwestern Europe. Its landscape is covered with flat lands, dotted with windmills, tulip fields and lovely little villages. A lot of its land has been reclaimed by the sea, so there is ample space to explore in a sailboat rental in Amsterdam. Despite its designation as a modern city, it still retains its laid-back, small-town atmosphere.

It also has a strong naval and trading heritage, much of which is prominent when you go Amsterdam sailing. We will explore the sights and wonders of this beautiful country, and why you should sail here in boat charters in Amsterdam. We will also check out the best beaches to explore in a private boat rental in Amsterdam.

Getting to the Netherlands

There are several Amsterdam boat rentals ferries to choose from.

You can take a ferry from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk. There is another ferry service from Kristiansand in Norway to Eemshaven (Groningen). It is a recommended way to get there on boat rentals in Amsterdam.

You can also dock at Rotterdam, which is the second largest port in the world. The port is excellent for freighter travel in a luxury yacht rental in Amsterdam.

Things to see and do in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is surrounded by lots of water, so you can explore the adjacent rivers in Amsterdam boat tours. Nothing captures the beauty of the Netherlands more than its windmills, tulips, and flat lands. The Dutch landscape and monuments of the past are well preserved, both for tourism and historical reasons.

Visit Kinderdijk with its network of 19 windmills, with a nice museum and traditional crafts. To see the tallest windmills, visit Schiedam.

The rural areas in the Netherlands are dotted with picturesque little villages, old farms, and amazing folklore. If you love flowers, then you will love the Netherlands. It has seasonal tulip fields specific to the Bulb Region and North Holland. Check out the famous Keukenhof, the world's largest flower garden.

There are lots of museums in the Netherlands. There is one in every major city, celebrating the art and rich history of the Dutch.

Visit the King's Day celebration, held annually on April 27, all over the country. Most towns organize free markets and Dutch games, with lots of festivals and parties. You should ideally sail to Amsterdam in Amsterdam charter boats during this time.

Best beaches in Netherlands

Now, let us explore the best beaches to sail in a yacht charter in Amsterdam.

First off, sail to Scheveningen Beach in boat rentals in Amsterdam. This tourist hotspot is a major attraction in the Netherlands because of its amazing beach bars and souvenir shops. The beach is very long, so it is never overcrowded, and there is ample space to explore when you rent a boat in Amsterdam. The beachfront serves good food and drinks, and the beach has amazing weather. The waves are also calm enough for family trips in a sailboat rental in Amsterdam.

Take the boat rentals in Rotterdam to Zandvoort Beach, another of Netherland’s most popular beaches. It is the party hub for young people in the Netherlands, with sandy dunes, food stalls, calm beautiful water, and a national park nearby. What is great about this beach is that it hosts great sunset parties for tourists in party boat rentals in Amsterdam.

Your trip in boat rentals in Netherlands is not complete till you visit Hoek van Holland Beach. This picturesque beach is famous for its cute beach bars serving amazing food and drinks. There are also spaces for volleyball games and picnics. If you are a lover of watersports and diving, this beach is for you, so take the sailboat rentals in Netherlands to check it out.

Ameland Beach is recommended for those looking for a secluded beach for a quiet time in a catamaran charter in Netherlands. This dreamy beach is filled with golden sand dunes, distant beach houses, and beautiful clear water. Every year this beach also hosts the annual rugby festival, which you won't want to miss. If you are in the Netherlands during that time, then visit Ameland on an Amsterdam yacht charter.

Check out Texel Beach in party boats in Netherlands. This beach is close to Ameland Beach and is a favorite weekend getaway destination. It has a stunning red lighthouse, great restaurants, and an ambient breeze. You can also party in the water in a party boat rental in Amsterdam.

Enjoy your trip to the Netherlands

The Netherlands has such a rich history and culture and is a delight for tourists. Whether you are exploring its cute little villages and flat lands, or sailing on the beaches in an Amsterdam boat rental with captain, you are guaranteed a good time here.

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