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Although they’re a popular and sometimes crowded stop for cruise ships and visitors to the Bahamas, the Abaco Islands are a great place to experience the serenity and beauty of this stunning tropical landscape.

The wonderful thing about the Abaco Islands is the choice of things to do. Although most visitors choosing the Bahamas sailing to enjoy the weather, relaxing on a beach with a cool drink, there is more to this archipelago than resort hotels. With some of the best and most accessible sailing in the region, jumping on board your own boat rental in Marsh Harbour is a fantastic way to find your own slice of paradise.


Things to do in the Abaco Islands

After Nassau sailing and boating in Freeport, the Abaco Islands are one of the most popular stops for cruise ships in the Bahamas. The appeal of these beautiful islands is in the fact that there are no giant shopping malls and no amusement complexes. Instead, visitors get to experience the more authentic side of the Bahamaian lifestyle.

The most popular things to do around these Islands for visitors include fishing, sailing on Abaco boat rentals and exploring the countless beaches and cays around the main island. The 90 mile long Great Abaco Island is home to quaint and sleepy colonial towns, golf courses and you’ll even find a colony of swimming pigs! 


Abaco boat rentals from Sailo

Main town of Marsh Harbour is the third largest town in the Bahamas. Here you’ll be able to find your ideal charter, by choosing from a selection of Abaco sail boat rentals, catamarans and motor yachts; perfect for day trips, overnight trips and fishing adventures. For those experienced sailors, you’ll find a selection of charters without captain, allowing you the freedom to sail wherever you choose, whenever you want to. Or, if you prefer to let the crew take the helm, there are captained boats available as well. The joy of captained charters is that you’ll get the insider and local knowledge so you can really make the most of your visit this tropical paradise.

The beauty of a yacht charter with Sailo is that you can choose how many days you charter your boat for. From half day Abaco boat rentals to multi-day trips, if you’re looking for flexibility and freedom, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the Bahamas.

Harbour View Marina

Week-Long Cay Hopping on Abaco Boat Rentals


The main island of Great Abaco is fringed by countless small cays. These sandy islands are surrounded by reefs and many are uninhabited, making them perfect for exploring on your own private boat rental. Tropical seas and lots of sheltered bays make the ideal terrain for leisurely sailing, no matter what your level of experience. Enjoy a multi-day seagoing experience from Marsh Harbour, discovering sleepy fishing towns, pristine beaches and fantastic food. There are many options for itineraries, so speak to your captain or take a look at our suggested route for sailing the Abacos.


Abaco, Bahamas Boat Rentals - Green Turtle Cay


While exploring the Abaco Islands, a stop at Green Turtle Cay is highly recommended. Only accessible via boat, the cay is home to the colorful fishing village of New Plymouth. Here you’ll find a traditional way of life, where many of the locals still work on the sea. If you’re looking for truly unspoiled beaches and a genuinely warm welcome, docking at Green Turtle Cay with your Sailo boat rental would be a highlight of any sailing experience. The cay is home to the fascinating Albert Loew Museum, which looks at the history of life on the island. 

Swim with pigs at No Name Cay


Any sailing trip around these amazing islands should include a stop to see the swimming pigs on No Name Cay. Just south of Green Turtle Cay, the pigs live on an otherwise uninhabited island and are always pleased to see visitors. If you do stop by to say hello, don’t forget to bring some snacks such as fresh fruit or vegetables for them to enjoy. You can visit No Name Cay either as a day trip with one of our Abaco, Bahamas boat rentals from Marsh Harbour, or as part of a longer sailing trip.

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Man O’War Cay and Great Guyana Cay


Great Guyana Cay is the largest of the cays around and a popular stop for sailing vacations around these parts. Alongside the incredible snorkelling and fishing opportunities right from the comfort oy one of Sailo best Abaco, Bahamas boat rentals, Great Guyana Cay is also home to some great restaurants and bars, including the famous Nippers, one of the best bars in all the Bahamas. Nearby Man O’War Cay is well known for its history of boat building, as well as some great restaurants. Note that Man O’War Cay is dry, so no alcohol is sold here!

Diving and snorkelling at Elbow Cay


An easy boat ride from Marsh Harbour, Elbow Cay is a fantastically laid back spot to dock with your boat rental. The island is rimmed by stunning reefs as well as the famous sand bar at Tahiti Beach. From here you can explore shipwrecks and spectacular sea-life, spotting blue headed wrasse, parrotfish and yellowtail snapper. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head to the main settlement of Hope Town to dine on fantastic Bahamian cuisine in this welcoming, and still relatively undiscovered gem of an island.

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