BVI Sailing Vacations - Anegada Island

One of the most stunning places of the British Virgin Islands

Looking for BVI yacht charters? Anegada is the second largest island of the British Virgin Islands but also the least populated island with only 285 residents. Located just a few hour sail North East of Virgin Gorda, it is one of the most stunning places of the British Virgin Islands. If you are looking to spend a second day somewhere, we highly recommend Anegada. While in Anegada, you will be able to experience some of the most beautiful beaches of the British Virgin Islands, visit some of the best beach bars in the world, eat the world famous Anegada Lobster, and watch the most amazing sunsets.

Things to bring when you go ashore: When going ashore, plan to take a small bag with you. If renting a scooter, bring a pair of tennis shoes for safety. Other than your wallet, sunglasses and bathing suit, you should not need much while exploring the island. If you plan on laying out on one of the beaches, make sure to take a beach towel. Also, bring some bug spray as some of the areas do have bugs that can annoy you on the beach.

Bareboat Charter Notes: When approaching Anegada, there are several clear channel markers leading you to Setting Point, they have been restored post-IRMA. There are both mooring balls and anchorage spots available. If you plan on catching a mooring ball, plan to arrive early afternoon to make sure you secure one before other boats come in for the night. There is no fuel or places to refill water in Anegada. Setting Point does have a grocery store to reprovision and get ice.

Setting Point


When you take your dinghy ashore you will find paradise awaiting. Here you can rent scooters, cars, or dirt bikes for the day as you explore Anegada. Don’t forget! If you rent a vehicle, drive on the left side of the road! At Setting Point  you can also find a local grocery store to reprovision that has a limited selection of food. After a day of exploring the island, enjoy the world famous lobster dinner at places such as the Anegada Reef Hotel or Potters Bar. If you feel like dancing the night away, Potters Bar has a fun dance setting where DJs will play music as long as there are people!

Cow Wreck Beach


On the North side of the island is Cow Wreck beach. Named after a ship that sank with a bunch of cows on it, the beach is one of the most stunning in the British Virgin Islands and the world. If you come on a lucky day, you may even spot Kenny Chesney who is a frequent visitor to the bar.  You will likely here his music playing and seeing a few photos of him around. The bar here as amazing drinks and a wide selection of food and a gift shop. You easily could spend your whole day relaxing at Cow Wreck Beach!

The Settlement


The Settlement is the town where you will find all the local housing. There is not much to do as a tourist in this area, but it is a great spot to drive around and see how the locals live on the island.  The settlement is also home to the iguana sanctuary, where you can see iguanas being raised until they are ready to be released into the wild safely.

Lublolly Bay



On the Northeast of Anegada another stunning beach awaits. If coming from Setting Point, you must rent a taxi, car, or scooter to get here. This beach is known for its spectacular snorkeling.  Here you will also find a restaurant and bar to relax at while spending the day at the beach.

Anegada Airport


Anegada has a small airport located on the island.  Even if you are not flying in and out of Anegada, it is a fun sight to see the small airplanes taking off and landing.  If you have any members or your party leaving or joining you during your sailing vacation week, this is a place that can help make that happen!

The Flamingos


Located on the island are several hundred flamingos. Though you won’t see the flamingos crossing the road around the island, there are several spots you can see them on the island. The easiest location to see them is right outside Setting Point, where an observation deck has been set up with binoculars to few the birds.  There are also signs where you can read the history of the birds on the islands.

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