Sailing in Portland, Oregon with a Sailo Boat Rental

Set sail for adventure

As a contender for the edgiest city in the USA, Portland, Oregon is full of quirky things to do. Discover a different side to the city with a yacht rental and go sailing Portland, Oregon.

Positioned at the intersection between the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Portland's lack of coastline is no hindrance to a great day on the water. The Oregon city sits mostly on the bank of the Willamette, which is where most of our Sailo charters depart from.

PDX is a hotbed of cultural activities and is buzzing around the clock, all year round. You’re never far from an expertly crafted coffee or an achingly cool beer microbrewery in Portland, and the city has an undeniable cool factor.

With the proximity to beautiful natural surroundings, Portlanders know how to make the most of the Oregon countryside. There's even a 5000 acre woodland right on their doorstep!

So what can you do when you go sailing in Portland with a Sailo yacht rental?

River boat sailing

Enjoying a day on the water with a boat rental in Portland will mean exploring the river, meandering north or south on the Willamette. Sailing in Portland makes for a great day trip and there are plenty of hidden gems to discover (as we’ll find out below). 

Party on the water

If you really want to let your hair down and enjoy an event with a difference,  charter a party boat in Portland. Party boats are excellent venues for anything from bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays or family gatherings, through to corporate events or wedding receptions.

If you’re planning to enjoy exploring the river around Portland, check out the selection of boat rental options on Sailo.

Discover now what are the best things to do when sailing in Portland, Oregon on a Sailo boat rental!

Ross Island


Just a mile downstream from PDX city, Ross Island is a nature reserve that was previously a gravel mine. Today, it’s a good place to come and enjoy the tranquility and keep an eye out for wildlife that now calls the island home. It’s home to bald eagles and herons, and you can also spot beavers and otters in the water around the island. If you’re looking for a fun and accessible way to go sailing in Portland, take your Sailo boat rental to Ross Island.


Willamette River Nature Reserves


Take your boat further down the Willamette and you’ll stumble across countless small nature reserves to pitch up and enjoy a picnic. Meldrum Bar Park, is a popular nature reserve and river beach area, with Dahl Beach just around the corner. Both make the perfect sailing day trip from Portland City. Or, head south to Willamette city and you’ll come to the Willamette Park and Tualatin River estuary, which are both perfect for exploring with a Portland yacht rental. Enjoy the river scenery, enjoy some fishing or stop wherever you like with a Sailo boat rental. 

A Portland party on the water


All aboard for the party of the year! Make a splash in Portland with a party yacht rental for an epic day (or night) on the Willamette. With Sailo you’ll be able to choose party boats of all sizes to enjoy sailing in Portland with a difference. With party boat charters, you’ll often be able to make use of onboard catering and a bar (check with your boat captain about the options). Whatever the event, a Portland boat party is a great way to throw a shindig to be remembered.


Columbia River


If you want to go sailing from Portland to the Columbia River, one of the best places to aim for is Sauvie Island. This sandy park is just a few miles sailing from the city and has a selection of great beaches, perfect for a day out with the family or a group of friends. If you’re feeling daring, Collins Beach is ‘clothing optional’, so you can top up that all over tan without flying to Mexico. If you’re sailing to Sauvie Island with a private boat rental, you’ll need to land on the beach as there is no mooring or pontoon.

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