Visiting and sailing in Monaco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and thanks to this guide, you have everything you need to enjoy it.

The best places for yacht sailing in Monaco

Monaco is a popular destination where you can both explore Europe's luxury and enjoy fast-paced fun. This guide shows you how you can enjoy your sailing visit.

Monaco is a French Principality located on the Mediterranean Sea, by the French Riviera. This wealthy city is a favorite for tourists sailing in their boat rentals in Monaco. Although it may be relatively tiny, it is known as a hub of entertainment and fun for the affluent with money to spend. From expensive yacht cruises and casinos to annual festivals, there is a lot to experience in Monaco.

We will explore this wonderful county and the amazing places to sail to when you rent a boat in Monaco.

Sailing to Monaco

The ports of Monaco host lots of private yachts belonging to tourists. Tourists in their Monaco yacht charter usually sail to the beautiful Port Hercule, with anchoring spaces for up to 500 vessels. The Port of Fontvieille is also large and well-equipped to welcome tourists sailing in their Monaco boat tours.

Port of Cap d'Ail is another close destination choice for your party boat rental in Monaco.

Exploring Monaco

Before your expensive cruises in Monaco charter boats, what are the other attractions to see?

Hiking is a top tourist activity here, and one of the best trails is the coastal path from Monaco to Carnoles. This walk will show you splendid views of Monaco, from Monte-Carlo to Cap-Martin, with your final destination at Carnoles train station.

Visit the Monaco Open Air Cinema, reputed as Europe's largest outdoor cinema. It has a scenic setting above the mediterranean sea, making the experience more grand and special. You can enjoy a great movie while spotting guests sailing past in their yacht charter in Monaco. Its summer viewings are a classic.

Check out Monte-Carlo Sporting (Sporting Monte-Carlo), which hosts dazzling concerts at Salle des Etoiles. Apart from the live shows, there is also a club with a small casino.

Visit the city’s Yacht Club in a Monaco boat rental with captain cruise. The Yacht Club Monaco is home to over 1000 members across 60 nationalities.

Check out La Condamine, which is the second oldest district in Monaco. It hosts many luxurious yachts and cruise ships docked in the marina. This district is a thriving business district home to great shops and restaurants, with amazing landscapes and architecture.

Another lovely place to visit is Jardin Japonais (Japanese Garden). This large garden features a stylised mountain, hill, a waterfall, and a Zen garden for meditation.

Monaco hosts the best known Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is a top tourist attraction for sports lovers across Europe.

Beautiful beaches for tourists in Monaco

For starters, rent a boat in Monaco to Larvotto Beach. This popular beach is very private and hidden, with a sandy, man-made shoreline great for tranquility and relaxation under the sun. The water has a unique metallic blue color and calm waves, so sailing in sailboat rentals in Monaco is great here. There are also lots of restaurants with a variety of dishes.

La Plage d'Eze Beach is another great location to explore in catamaran charters in Monaco. This pebbly beach is particularly known for its water sports and swimmers. Facilities include clean toilets and showers, with two eateries. If you are a water sports lover, take boat rentals in French Riviera to this beach.

It boasts two private beach clubs, each with its own restaurants.

Explore the beautiful Baie de Garavan Beach in your yacht rentals in Cannes, France. It houses lots of sandy beaches with scenic backdrops of Menton’s old town. Some of the beaches here are private with some being public and are reputed to be some of the best beaches in Menton. Tourists flock to its shores in boat rentals in Nice, France, during the summer.

Take a yacht charter in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France to Plage de l'Ange Gardien (Guardian Angel beach). This tiny little beach is located in nearby Villefranche. It is a tranquil and relaxing beach, with a cove that has clean water.

Explore the scenic Baie du Soleil Beach in your boat rentals in Nice, France. This collection of pebbly beaches are situated on the western side of the Port in Menton. They are mostly similar in size and look, with lovely restaurants and a clean shoreline. There are also public showers in case you want to clean up after sailing in your yacht rentals in Cannes, France.

Monaco sailing is not complete till you visit the amazing Plage du Borrego. This rocky beach is at the western tip of Monaco, known for its slow pace and laid-back ambiance. To the east of the bay in Menton, you can also check out Les Sablettes in your sailboat rental in Monaco.

Another top location to explore in your boat charters in Monaco is Plage de Fossan. This large beach has tranquil water and is a great family beach. The beach has a kids play area and space for family events and picnics. The water is also excellent for a family trip in a private boat rental in Monaco.

There are several reasons Plage des Fossettes Beach is a top tourist destination in Monaco boat rentals. For starters, this public beach is an excellent location for picnics and family vacations, with calm waves and a friendly ambience. It is also a great location for water sports, especially snorkeling.

Plan your vacation to Monaco today

Monaco has earned a reputation as the world’s luxury paradise, and it is easy to see why. The place oozes affluence and luxury, with many tourists flocking here in their luxury yacht rental in Monaco to enjoy the city.

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