Sailing in Punat is filled with amazing tourist spots. Read on to discover the best places to visit in Punat!

Best destinations for tourists when sailing Punat

Make your holiday a memorable one: Discover the best places to visit in Punat!

The municipality of Punat is in western Croatia on the island of Krk. It has a bay and a well-known marina. While sailing Punat, Croatia, to the middle of the bay, you will find a little island called Košljun. Yacht rentals in Punat also offer some of the most breathtaking tours you can find in Croatia.

Interesting things about Punat

Punat is a tourist favorite because it offers an escape from the noise and stress of the city. It is a quiet and charming little town, with small narrow streets along seaside houses with arched doorways and taverns. Its many sights and charm are why tourists love to rent a boat in Punat.

Sailors in a party boat rental in Punat will find the town especially welcoming because it contains the biggest and oldest marina on the Adriatic Sea.

Tourists in their yacht charter in Punat also enjoy daily trips to nearby islands, along with other fun activities like diving, sea sports.

Best beaches on a Punat boat rental

Soline Bay features a large bay on the northeast side of Krk. It has shallow waters and a warm climate. It is perfect for family trips and vacations. Rent a boat in Punat to this lovely bay and enjoy intimate family time.

Golden Bay beach, also on the Island of Krk, is named after the golden color on the beach backdrop. The beach can only be reached by boat, so make sure to rent a catamaran in Croatia if you want to explore this beach.

The Vela Riva Beach is also located in a large Cavlena bay. It features a dreamy atmosphere and cool breeze, with warm water and fine sand around it. This is one of the top destinations for tourists in their Croatia sailing charter.

If you want to rent a yacht in Croatia for an exclusive tour, then Beach Pesja is the one for you. This is a fine pebble beach right at the foot of a clifftop town, featuring a beachfront promenade.

Rent a boat in Punat to the twin beaches of Magneli and Komostrin on the western part of Krk. The beach features a vegetation-rich background dotted with coves and pebble sands. This beach is for you if you are a naturalist and want to see wildlife.

Another place to tour on a Punat sailboat rental is the Magneli beach, which sports a rocky coastline, perfect for exploring and picking up souvenirs.

Best beaches near Punat

Beautiful Milna is not too far from Punat, and cites the famous Zaglav beach, located in a wide and shallow bay.

Tourists rent a boat in Milna for a tour of its serene and calm atmosphere. The beach has shallow water, fine sand and pebbles.

Nearby Sukosan cites Makarska Beach which features showers, changing cubicles, and clean restrooms, among other facilities. Rent a boat in Sukosan to explore its clean water and sand covered with pebbles, and play some volleyball, basketball, and bocce while there.

In Rijeka, Sablićevo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and a tourist favorite. It is very old, and rich with history. Its spectacular scenery features a coastline with steep rocks, fine pebbles, and beautiful sea colors. Other things you can do when you rent a boat in Rijeka include sunbathing in your boat, especially during the hot summer days.

In Zadar you will find Plaza Puntamika, a small and quiet beach. Tourists love this beach for its cozy atmosphere and beautiful sea colors. Its waters are very clean, with coarse pebbles and a small promenade along its coast. It also features a small marina and a charming café adjacent to the lighthouse. Do not hesitate to take a boat rental in Zadar to explore the beautiful plaza.

Tourists love to get a Hvar boat rental to explore the lovely Pokonji Dol Beach. The beach has a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Its water is turquoise and perfect for swimming, and the sand is also pebbly.

Dubrovnik sailing is a favorite tourist pastime, and nothing encapsulates it better than Sunset Beach. It is a very popular holiday destination for its expansive bay, nice promenade, restaurants and cafés, and sports like jet skiing. All these attractions, coupled with its scenery and charming sunset, make a Dubrovnik yacht charter one of the best treats for your vacation.

In Trogir, Labadusa Beach is top of the list of vacationers and is renowned as its most beautiful beach. It has turquoise blue waters, many pine trees, and a wonderful mix of pebble and stone along its waterline. Fun activities when you rent a boat in Trogir include sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, and exploring its underwater world.

Take a boat rental in Sibenik to the beautiful Beach Jadrija. It is the most popular beach for tourists and locals, because of its lovely little cabin accommodations and charming coastline. You will also sail through St. Anthony channel and see the St. Nicholas Fortress from your boat.

A tour of Punat is not complete without Split sailing. Split hosts the charming Kaštelet Beach, a rocky and secluded beach next to a grove of pines. Tourists love to rent a boat in Split, Croatia to explore the beach because of its clean and clear water, rocky shores, and water sports such as swimming and kayaking.

Punat should be at the top of your list

Taking a yacht charter in Punat to explore its many beaches is one of the best vacation highlights. Whether with your loved ones or alone, Punat has much to offer you. This beautiful little town should be at the top of your vacation list. So, if it's for family holidays or parties in a party boat charter in Punat, this little town has something for everyone.

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