Tahiti is a delightful mix of tropical beaches and volcanic mountains!

Sailing around the beautiful Polynesian island of Tahiti

Tahiti is the location for lovely beaches and a serene environment. The island also has excellent sailing destinations!

Tahiti lies in the South Pacific and is the largest island of French Polynesia. It is home to a population of about 130,000 people, the majority of whom are of Polynesian ancestry.

The island comprises two volcanic mountain ranges: Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. Tourists usually start sailing Tahiti via Tahiti catamaran charters to and from the nearby islands of Moorea, Papeete, the Societies, and Mangareva. This guide will explore the beauty of Tahiti and the best beaches to sail on a Tahiti sailboat charter.

Notable towns to visit when do sailing in Tahiti


This is the administrative center and capital of Tahiti, with a busy harbor lined with cargo freighters, ships, and luxury yachts. The harbor is the perfect location to explore Tahiti in a private yacht charter in Tahiti coast. It also has many cafes and exotic. French boutiques selling fashion items, jewelry, and handicrafts. The harbor closes after 18:00, but food trucks, convenience stores, some restaurants and bars will stay open after dark.


This is the location of Tahiti’s international airport, with amenities like snack bars, a restaurant, and rental offices. There is also a nearby store that sells flower leis and shell necklaces.

About Tahiti’s climate

The weather on the island makes it an ideal tropical paradise. The average temperature is 79°F (2°C) in the water during winter and 84°F (29°C) in the summer.

Due to the warm and humid atmosphere, you should pack lightweight cotton clothes, some sunscreen lotion, and a cap.

Explore Tahiti by a sailboat charter as a tourist

Shop at Le Marché

This is a large market in Papeete where many shopping items and souvenirs can be bought. "Monoi" is a favorite collector’s item for tourists. This strongly scented Tahitian-made oil is used for tanning and moisturizing the skin. A "pareu" is a Tahitian style of clothing that can be used as a dress, a cover-up, a picnic cloth, or a beach towel. You can also find lots of jewelry, calendars, postcards, tropical fruits, scented soaps, woven hats and bags, and vanilla beans at Le Marche.

Sail to the Arahoho blowhole

This blowhole is located to the north of Tahiti Nui. Sail here on a Tahiti sailing charter to see the waves crash inside the rock cliff.

Visit Point Venus Lighthouse

Get on a boat rental in Tahiti to this black sand beach with clear blue water. This location is popular with young Tahitians and is a famous place to mingle with locals and have fun on the beach.

Visit the Arahurahu Marae

Arahurahu Marae is a restored religious site dedicated to the old Tahitian gods and was the location for important religious ceremonies.

Visit the best beaches in Tahiti by sailboat rental

Explore the black sand beaches In Tahiti

Lafayette Beach

Start off at Lafayette Beach, one of the best black beaches to sail on a yacht charter in Tahiti. Located near Papeete, its pitch-dark color is due to the surrounding volcanic rocks. Despite this, Lafayette is surrounded by lush greenery mixed with black sands, providing the perfect backdrop for luxury yacht charters in Tahiti tours.

Point Venus

Point Venus is another popular black sand beach, located to the north of Tahiti and is unmistakable due to its iconic lighthouse. Point Venus is known as the historic landing site for explorers sailing Tahiti. Rent the Caribbean luxury yacht charters to this beach, complete with a snack bar, shops, and clean restrooms.

The white sand beaches in Tahiti

Plage de Toaroto

This is one of the top Tahitian white sand beaches, located west of Papeete. Activities in your Tahiti catamaran charter include paddleboarding, snorkeling, boating, and swimming. You can also sunbathe and clean yourself up in the public showers and restrooms from the park nearby.

Matira Beach

This beach is located in Bora Bora and is the island’s largest public access beach. It has white sands and clear waters perfect for swimming, with nearby shops and restaurants serving refreshing meals.

La Plage de Maui

Take one of the Caribbean sailing charters to La Plage de Maui, one of Tahiti’s most popular white sand beaches. Soak in the warm waters, go snorkeling off the reef, and get a tan under the warm tropical sun.

Pink Sand Beaches In Tahiti

Tikehau Beach

Located on the Tuamotu Archipelago, this secluded beach is covered in pink sand and has a relaxing atmosphere. The water is home to various marine life and a reef bustling with life. Bring your snorkeling gear along as you tour the water in a Tahiti catamaran charter.

Les Sables Roses

Finally, book the Caribbean catamaran charters to this gorgeous pink sand beach at Rangiroa. Les Sables is a snorkeler’s dream, boasting the largest coral atoll in the world. However, since this beach is remote, there are no shops and restaurants nearby, so make sure you are prepared for the journey.

Best beaches near Tahiti

Whether you want the serenity of the tropical islands, or a fun-filled vacation in party boat rentals in the Dominican Republic, there are many options available close to Tahiti.

Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana

Sail on yacht rentals in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to Punta Cana, the number one beach resort on the island. This is where fun seekers and families relax in the sun and swim in the soft white-sand beaches.

Bávaro Beach is the most beautiful beach here, with calm Caribbean turquoise water, perfect for swimming, diving, and parasailing.

Playa Rincón

If you want a private and remote beach, sail on a yacht rental in the Dominican Republic to Playa Rincón. This tropical white-sand beach is dotted by huge palm trees with a protected cove at one end, and lush green mountains at the other. The water is very calm for swimming, and there is a small restaurant and a couple of stands offering lunch and snacks.

White Bay Beach

White Bay Beach is the quintessential Caribbean beach. It has a long crescent-shaped shoreline filled with bright white sand and turquoise sapphire waters. Spend your time sailing here in a luxury yacht charter in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) to explore the offshore reef or tour the bay while sipping coconut cream.

Cinnamon Bay Beach, St. John

Rent a yacht in the US Virgin Islands to Cinnamon Bay Beach, one of the longest beaches in St. John. Fun activities here include snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and plenty more. You can also visit the Danish beachfront building, hike the half-mile Cinnamon Bay Trail, and gaze at the coconut palms and sea grape trees that line the beach.


This guide has explored the fun places to visit in Tahiti as a tourist and the best beaches to sail on a Tahiti boat charter. Tahiti is a marvel of French Polynesia and an untouched gem, with many memories and adventures awaiting you. Plan your next holiday sailing on luxury yacht charter in Tahiti with your loved ones and have a unique, fun-filled vacation.

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