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Choose a Boat Rental in Croatia on Sailo!

Are you choosing a yacht charter in Croatia? If you’re looking for a slice of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia is the place to be. This top European sailing destination is the perfect place for your upcoming getaway. With plenty to see by land and sea, over 1,000 islands to explore, and breathtaking views of the coastal cities, Croatia yacht rental is a boater paradise set amidst a one-of-a-kind environment. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for your yacht charter in Croatia.

Sailing Croatia Coast with Sailo

There are plenty of choices available on Sailo for you to rent a yacht in Croatia. The most popular charters available are Croatia sailboat charters and catamaran rentals in Croatia, but there are some motor boats and party boats available, as well, depending on what you prefer. When you rent a boat for your Mediterranean adventure, most sailing enthusiasts prefer to book a weekly rental so they can explore the most of what Croatia has to offer. Split boat rental, Zadar yacht charters, Sibenik by a yacht, or rent a yacht in Dubrovnik —whether you choose to charter a yacht from, you’ll find the paradise you seek all throughout the unforgettable seaside country of Croatia. 

Why choose a weekly yacht charter in Croatia?

When you renting a yacht in Croatia for a week or more for sailing coast, you allow yourself to spend as much time as possible experiencing all of the gorgeous scenery, delicious food, fun lifestyle, and unforgettable activities this unique destination has to offer. Why limit yourself? Try Croatia boat rental for a week if you want a taste of what is all about, you’ve got to rent a sailboat for a week to make sure you get the most out of your European adventure. 

Yacht charter Croatia sailing trips with crew

A lot of our weekly boat rentals for Croatia sailing trips can be rented as bareboats (no captain included), or you have the option to hire a skipper for your weekly rental. As you browse our Croatia yacht charters, keep in mind whether you want to travel with or without the assistance of a skipper and and use the filters to refine your search accordingly. Filter Crew does exactly that - fine-tune your result based on your preferences. For example you can easily choose crewed catamaran charter in Croatia.

Croatia 3 day yacht charter or a week?

Another fantastic feature of weekly rentals on Sailo is the option to reserve for free. When you choose to charter a yacht for your Croatia sailing vacation, you can put a hold on a boat on Sailo for up to 24 hours so you have some time to decide if this is the right rental for you. You also have the ability to customize your catamaran or sailboat rental quote by adding or removing optional extras, like hiring a skipper. During this 24 hour period, you can cancel your reservation and book another if you need to, and submit your booking request when you’re ready. 

Rent a boat in Croatia and discover new places

There are so many areas to explore during your week-long Croatia sailing trip, and we recommend spending some time to decide which of these magical cities will be your base so you can truly get a feel for what this European gem has to offer. Sailo provides the ability to rent a sailboat or catamaran in Split, Zadar, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik, so you have plenty of areas to choose from when deciding where you want to kick off your vacation. 

Split is the ideal home base for your sailing Croatia coast adventure. This is a terrific port to sail from, especially given the history of this city. Take some time to explore the streets of Split, dine on some authentic food, take in the sights of the amazing architecture, and walk along the seafront to Bacvice Beach before you embark on your yacht charter. 

If you’re traveling with friends, Zadar is the place to start your vacation. This area is known for its quirky atmosphere, hip summer music festivals, and amazing national parks. There’s something for everyone here, but we especially recommend it for young groups looking for adventures on and offshore during their trip. Rent a sailboat from Zadar if you’re looking for excitement day and night.

History enthusiasts would love to begin their Croatia trip by renting a boat in Sibenik. In the oldest city founded by Croatians, so you can immerse yourself in old-time local culture and architecture as you explore this place. Be sure to fuel up on some delicious food and take in the atmosphere of the centuries-old monasteries of this city before setting sail from Sibenik and touring the rest of sailing Croatia coast. 

You can’t go wrong with starting your journey on a yacht charter from Dubrovnik. A popular Mediterranean cruise stop set in a luxurious and timeless environment, Dubrovnik, dubbed as The Pearl of the Adriatic is what comes to mind when many tourists think of Croatia. Charter a yacht from this historic city and take in the breathtaking views of the coastal town as you sail the Adriatic sea. You won regret making this place the base for your vacation.

Best time for a yacht hire in Croatia

The best times to sail in Croatia are late spring from April through June and early fall from September through October. During these months, the waters are calm, the weather is warmer, and there are typically lower crowds than during the peak summer months of July and August. Croatia is the most popular sailing destination in Europe, so we highly recommend booking your yacht charter in advance to secure your reservation and ensure your opportunity to see this gorgeous country by land and sea. 

Ready to find your dream yacht charter in Croatia? Your dream Mediterranean getaway is just a click away!