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Boat Rentals in Cape Coral: Yacht Charters

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Rent a Boat in Cape Coral, Florida with Sailo!

Looking for a boat rental in Cape Coral, Florida? When visiting Cape Coral, one of the best things to do is enjoy some time on the water on a Sailo captained boat rental. From a sunset cruise, to a full day trip around the local waterways, rent a boat in Cape Coral to really make the most of your leisure time. A private yacht charter in Cape Coral is a great way to spend time with your friends or family and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Florida.

What Cape Coral private boat rentals available on Sailo?

Explore the beauty of Florida state with Cape Coral yacht charter. You’ll find 2 boats to rent in Cape Coral with Sailo, for the best choice. Set sail on one of our elegant Cape Coral sailboat rentals. You can also choose from numerous catamarans, available to charter. What better way to discover the shores of Florida than from the deck of a motor yachts? Browse the luxury motor yacht rentals in Cape Coral, FL on Sailo for your ideal boating trip. You’ll also find various larger party boats in Capre Coral, FL, perfect for groups of 13 or more available in Cape Coral, FL.

How to find the best boat rental in Cape Coral, Florida?

Wondering how to find the best boat charter in Cape Coral, Florida for a memorable experience on the water? We have created a set of advanced filters to help you navigate easily our database of Cape Coral yacht charters and find the one for you. First pick a start date and then choose your trip duration. You can go for an extraordinary of 2, 4 hours or full day experience. Next, select the number of guests, the type of boat and the price range you are comfortable with. The crew filter helps you narrow down the results to the boats with the captain included in the price, or bareboats that you’ll captain yourself. Choose the boat in Cape Coral you want in Florida, to view more pics, read description and reviews. Message the owner if you have any questions or continue with your booking request.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Cape Coral, FL?

Yacht charters in Cape Coral, Florida for daily trips are available at an average of $1100 per day. Cheaper boats (sometimes with no captain included) may be rented for $250. Our premium Cape Coral yacht charters may have price tags up to $6500, with crew, fuel, docking fees and other extras added to your budget.

What happens in case of bad weather?

For captained boat charters in Cape Coral, weather cancellations and reschedulings are entirely at the discretion of the Captain or Boat Owner. The Renter can not invoke 'bad weather' and request a refund as reason for cancellation unless the Captain or the Boat Owner agrees to it. For captained charter, the Captain will make the decision if the weather conditions are dangerous to get out on the water. Cloudy skies or a slight chance of rain are not grounds for cancellation or rescheduling. If a cancellation or rescheduling due to bad weather is necessary, either the Renter or the Boat Owner must send an email to stating the reason. If the Renter sends such a request, the email must include a written confirmation from the Boat Owner. Read more details here.

Eco-friendly practices for boaters

Sailing is a great way to experience nature. So we like to remind everyone that keeping nature as beautiful as possible involves a little effort from all of us. Some of our tips for responsible boating include:

  • Don’t litter or throw waste overboard - take rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Eco-friendly sunblock can help prevent damage to marine life
  • buy local and sustainable food products

However long you’re sailing for, a little goes a long way. Read more about responsible boating.

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