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Find out more information about the boat rentals and yacht charters on Sailo by reading the questions that renters are asking directly the boat owners and the answers they receive. The general topics vary from details about pick-up and drop-off locations, inquiries about activities you can do on a boat rental, catering options, safety questions, etc.

At Sailo we encourage all our users to communicate with the boat owners and request additional information about the sailboats, motor boats and catamarans available for rent on the platform. On each boat page there is a Customer Questions & Answers public section, where any user can ask general questions about the boat or yacht charter. As a customer, you can also choose to initiate a private conversation with the owner by clicking on the "Message Owner" blue button.
Can it fit more than 40 people or is that the absolute max?
40 is the max.
by Cheryl on July 27th 2017





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