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Puerto Rico Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters

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Rent a Boat Charter in Puerto Rico with Sailo!

Looking to hire a boat rental in Puerto Rico? Try sailing Puerto Rico by a yacht charter with Sailo! Regardless if you’re an experienced sailor or just looking to enjoy a crewed boat rental, you’ll see a whole other side of Puerto Rico from a boat. Whatever your vacation style, you’ll find the perfect boat to rent for your needs. From action packed day trips to week-long sailing vacations, hit the water in style and enjoy an experience to remember.

What is the best season to go to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a very popular destination for those who want to rent a boat! (top 3 boat rental destinations in 2021)

The peak tourist season normally starts from late November and lasts till April. That’s when tourists from colder places like to come and enjoy all the seasonal activities.

However, the best season to sail in Puerto Rico is from mid-April to the beginning of June – you will find the pleasant weather and much less crowd than during tourist peak season once you put your foot on the ground.

Do I need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is part of U.S. territory and all the general rules for travelling to the USA from your homeland might be applicable for traveling to Puerto Rico.

If you are an American Citizen it might be acceptable to travel to Puerto Rico with a standard ID card. Though it depends on your travel route, the destination you start from or the international airports where you have a layover, you will probably be asked for the passport and the visa for the countries you have in your itinerary, if any. Please, check your route and contact the respective consulates before you travel to make sure you present all the required documents for your travel to Puerto Rico.

If you are non-US citizen, please contact the U.S. Embassy for the visa and document requirements before you travel to Puerto Rico. Also please check your travelling itinerary if you have any other countries, make sure you check their requirements for travel documents.   

Do I need insurance to travel to Puerto Rico?

It is always a good idea to have insurance for your travel in order to secure any emergency or unplanned medical expenses.

What essentials to pack for a boat trip in Puerto Rico?

It is always a good idea to travel light when renting a boat in Puerto Rico. Here are some practical light weight items which you might consider for your boating trip:

  • Cotton towels are very absorbent, eco-friendly, super soft and comfortable, and can be used as a beach blanket, a towel and even a throw in the evening or in the airplane.
  • Sunblock and lip balm. Sunscreens can be surprisingly expensive in Puerto Rico. You might think of taking your favourite sunscreen SPF50+ with you and opt for a reef-safe one as it will protect you and the ocean. Apply it according to the instructions on your sunscreen bottle, usually every 2 hours. Remember, a lip balm will protect your lip skin from the sun and wind. Always keep it in your pocket.
  • Aloe-vera cooling gel. There is always a chance that sunburn might happen while sailing. So apply aloe-vera gel and your skin temperature will drop a few degrees.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

You can find more suggestions on  what to bring on a boat and other recommendations in our Discover boating guide for beginners 

What to do in Puerto Rico if I rent a boat?

Relax and sail around the island and explore all the beauty of Puerto Rico.

It takes a short boat ride to explore Vieques island which, according to the Guinness World Records, has the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world - Mosquito Bay. It is definitely worth staying overnight on your boat or yacht near the bay to enjoy the spectacular natural glow. Low light pollution and a new or crescent moon will make the night show much brighter.

The adventure of sailing a yacht in Puerto Rico could bring you to the Island of Culebra - another amazing destination with its white sand beaches surrounded by waveless turquoise waters. To name a few Culebra beaches, Flamenco Beach is often ranked among the best in the world and Tortuga is a perfect place for snorkelling with green turtles.

Remember: Use your sunscreen every 2 hours to protect your skin. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Cover your shoulders with a cotton shirt. 

Hydrate – keep sipping water from your water bottle on the go. Remember, if you are thirsty, it is a strong signal that your body really needs hydration. 

Our premium selection of private boat rentals in Puerto Rico

On Sailo you’ll find several Puerto Rico boat charters waiting to take you away from it all. We currently offer sailboat rentals in Puerto Rico for amazing trips guided by gentle winds. Private catamarans in Puerto Rico are also ready to welcome you and your chosen crew. If motor boats are your thing, then you’re in the right place to browse the 4 motor yacht charters and choose the one for you. We also offer a selection of larger boats, perfect for parties or events, when you need space for 12+ people. Search our Puerto Rico party boats to find the perfect venue for your next event in this amazing boating destination.

How to rent a boat on Sailo in Puerto Rico?

Sailo offers beautiful boat and yacht rentals at various price points in Puerto Rico. Use our advanced filters to narrow your search by group size, and trip duration: 2 hrs, 4 hrs or full day charters. You can also choose the type of boat you want (sailboat, motorboat, catamaran) and go even further and look for a particular length, manufacturer and model. The price filter will help you see the available boats within your budget and the crew option is useful when you want to see boats with a skipper/captain included or only bareboats. Do you see a boat that you would like to rent in Puerto Rico? Click on it to go to the next page to read more about it, see more photos, send a direct message to the owner to ask more questions or start creating your booking request right away!

How much is it to rent a yacht in Puerto Rico?

You can charter a boat for a day in Puerto Rico for an average of $1100 per day. The average price for a weekly boat rental is $10687. Your total budget for a boating trip in Puerto Rico depends on many factors such as: trip duration, if captain and crew are included in the price or their cost have to be paid separately, fuel cost (which could be significantly higher on a motorboat compared to a sailboat) and other extras you choose to customize your experience in Puerto Rico.

Can I rent a yacht in Puerto Rico with a captain?

When you rent a boat in Puerto Rico with captain on Sailo, you set yourself and your guests for a relaxed, worry-free trip, with a professional skipper making sure that you all have an amazing experience on the water. Currently we offer 20  boat and yacht rentals with captain in Puerto Rico.

Be a responsible boater

However long you’re on a boat, it’s always a thrilling and fun experience. Here at Sailo, we like to make sure that the stunning beauty of the seas, lakes and rivers of our planet stay as pristine as possible. Try to follow these sustainable boating tips when you charter a yacht:

  • Take your rubbish home
  • Use eco-friendly sunblock
  • Avoid single use plastic

Much of the world’s plastic ends up in the sea, so reduce, reuse and recycle. Read more about responsible boating.

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