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Boat Rentals in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Yacht Charters


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Rent a Private Boat Charter in San Juan with Sailo

Looking for a boat rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico? With Sailo, you’ll find a great choice of private boat charters in San Juan, Puerto Rico for everything from a day trip through to a longer sailing vacation. If you’re visiting old San Juan boat tours with friends or family, you’ll find ample choice to try San Juan water tours with Sailo. Step aboard your own private boat charter in San Juan Islands and discover this amazing sailing location!

Our prime selection of private yacht charters in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Want to rent a boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico? You’ll find 3 boats waiting for you to take them on an adventure here on Sailo. Choose from our line up of TOP San Juan sailboat charters. Prefer catamarans? No problem…. Sailo currently has catamaran rentals in San Juan. Want to see Puerto Rico in style? One of our motor yachts in San Juan will fit the bill. If you’re planning a big party or event with over 12 people, you can also choose from our party boats in San Juan for an incredible day on the water.

How to find the right boat cruise among San Juan yacht charters

Renting a boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico has never been easier! When searching for a boat rental in San Juan, make sure to include your dates, trip duration and number of guests to get a first accurate selection of available charters. Daily experiences last for 2, 4 hours or a full day. You may further personalize your results by choosing the type of boat you’d like to rent, your price range and whether you want to hire a captain or you’re interested in a bareboat. Click on the boat rides in San Juan you like to get to the next page where you can view more photos, read the boat description and the reviews to see if it's the right fit for your old San Juan boat tours. You can always message the owner if you have any questions about their boat or you want to make special arrangements.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a day?

The best Sailo deal for daily boat rentals in San Juan, Puerto Rico starts at $250. The average price for a daily San Juan boat cruise is $1100, making it the best choice for a private sunset cruise, a sightseeing tour or an action-packed day on the water with family or friends! For those of you who are looking to splurge, check out our luxury yacht charters in San Juan with prices up to $6500 (service fee and mandatory extras not included).

San Juan Island boat rentals: Do I need a licence to rent a yacht on Sailo?

No, you do not need a license to charter a yacht in San Juan Island on Sailo as long as you are renting a boat with a captain included. There are two types of boat tours in San Juan, Puerto Rico available on our website: bareboat and captained charters. If you rent a bareboat yacht, then your charter comes without any crew, and you or someone in your group will need a license. The boat owner will require you to upload the boating resume or license of the person who will drive the boat. Most of our boat owners might also like to test your boating skills before you take your bareboat charter out on the water. When you charter a yacht in San Juan with a captain included or add the captain and/or crew as an extra to your sailing adventure, then a certified skipper will be provided.

Responsible boating guidelines

However long you’re on a boat, it’s always a thrilling and fun experience. Here at Sailo, we like to make sure that the stunning beauty of the seas, lakes and rivers of our planet stay as pristine as possible. If you’re going to charter a yacht, from a few hours to week, try to follow these sustainable boating tips:

  • Take your rubbish home
  • Use eco-friendly sunblock
  • Avoid single use plastic

Much of the world’s plastic ends up in the sea, so reduce, reuse and recycle. Read more about responsible boating.

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