Top Natural Wonders in Greece

Securing a yacht charter in the Greek islandsis easy, figuring out which of the beautiful islands to visit can be difficult! In a land of aqua colored water and Greek legends, there are enchanting stories to be found everywhere you turn. While there are countless places to visit during Greek island sailing holidays, we picked out a few of our favorite natural wonders you can find sailing in Lefkas, Athens, the Dodecanese islands and beyond! Make sure to bring your camera along for the ride as we visit uninhabited islands, swim with sea turtles and meander through enchanting caves.

Lefkas Sailing to Melissani Cave


If you want torent a boat in Lefkada for a week of bliss in Greece, we recommend taking a day sail to the nearby island of Kefalonia to visit Melissani Cave. Also known as Melissani Lake, the natural cave is just a short walk from the eastern shoreline. You can access the cave through an underground tunnel where you’ll board a small boat to explore the 2.1 mile-long cave. Appearing to float in mid-air, boats will glide through the light blue water of the cavernous wonder until you reach a gap where mid-day sunlight casts a brilliant blue hue in the cave.

Sailing from Athens to “island of goats”

As you’re creating an itinerary for vacation on a yacht charter from Athens, be sure to add the uninhabited island of Polyaigos to your list. Translating to “many goats” for the local population of the island, Polyaigos is a sailor’s paradise. Only reachable by private boat, the crystal blue water contrasting with cliffs jutting into the sky create the perfect backdrop for swimming, snorkeling or searching for Mediterranean Monk Seals hiding in sea caves. Exploring the untouched island by foot, you’ll encounter magnificent fauna, the ruins of a small village, a church from the 1600’s, and a lighthouse.


If you rent a yacht charter in Athens, a sail around the “island of goats” will feature beautiful untouched landscapes. For more ideas on day trips, check out our Athens sailing guide!

Rent a boat in Lefkada to swim with sea turtles

During your Lefkas sailing trip around the Ionian islands, set sail for Zakynthos for a chance to see the endangered loggerhead turtle. Greece is one of the most popular nesting grounds for loggerhead turtles and the shoreline along the Bay of Laganas has been deemed a National Marine Park to protect nesting grounds.


You can spend the day sailing or snorkeling in the bay and take a sunny nap on the beach. As these turtles are endangered, it’s important to respect the nesting grounds and not get too close to the turtles. But once you spot a turtle, there’s nothing like watching the loggerhead effortlessly glide through the water or pop up for air. Don’t forget your underwater camera when you rent a boat in Lefkada!

Dive into a natural pool on Thassos island


Your Greek island sailing holiday wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Giola natural pool. Located in the village of Astris on Thassos island, the natural rock formation creates a serene natural swimming pool that is much more difficult for landlubbers to access! Jump from the cliffs into the salt pool or float on your back surrounded by rocks. Watch the waters from the Aegean Sea splash high into the air against the rocks. We recommend bringing snorkel gear to spot fish in the serene pool!

Sail the Dodecanese islands to Valley of Butterflies

If you rent a boat in the Dodecanese islands and are looking for a shaded nature adventure, head inland on Rhodes island for the Valley of Butterflies. Located nearly 4 miles from the western coast, thousands of butterflies are attracted to the small valley in the summertime. Lured by the sweet scent of the Oriental Sweetgum trees, butterflies can be found everywhere along the serene trail, sometimes covering an entire tree trunk!


If you’re looking for more suggestions for your yacht charter in the Greek islands, visit Sailo’s Greece destination guide.