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52 Cancun Yacht Rentals & Boat Charters

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Rent a Yacht in Cancun, Mexico with Sailo!

Looking for a boat rental in Cancun, Mexico? Hola from Cancun! Cancun sailing is by far one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico, and for good reason. Beautiful waters, delicious food, and plenty of fun from day to night. Whether you’ve traveled here before or this is your first time visiting, this is one city in Mexico that you won’t want to miss. Keep on reading to discover the magic of sailing Mexico and find out how to book your perfect yacht rental in Cancun. 

Rent a boat from Cancun to the others Mexico sailing destinations

Mexico is one of our favorite countries to travel to and a fantastic place to go sailing. From Cancun to  La Paz to Puerto Vallarta and so many more iconic places all throughout the country, you will want to return to Mexico again and again to experience all of its history, adventure, and magic. While we recommend booking a trip by boat charter to Cancun as soon as you decide it’s the right vacation destination for you, there are countless places in Mexico to discover both on land and at sea. Don’t limit yourself and let the adventure begin!

Cancun Sailing FAQ

How to rent a yacht in Cancun?

Renting a yacht in Cancun with Sailo is really easy and safe. Once you choose the Cancun sailing location and you are on the page, go through the filters to choose catamaran charters in Cancun (or motorboat, or party boat charters in Cancun, etc.) and and travel dates, number of people, and other filters. Once you made a few choices, we advise you to message the owner of the boat to clarify all your questions about the yacht, discuss what you want to do during sailing – is it a party, family gateway, romantic trip, and we are sure you will find the top boat for yourself.

What is the best time to visit Cancun?

Though Cancun weather is near-perfect throughout the year, the best season to rent a boat in Cancun is from Mid November till Mid June! The most suitable weather can be in the months of April and December but if you’re into unique ocean wildlife, the best month is May when the sea turtles nest and the whale sharks make their appearance every year!

What to do in Cancun when boating?

Cancun has a reputation of a weekend getaway but mostly it is a perfect sailing destination. There are a lot of spectacular places in Cancun for swimming, snorkelling and diving. The blue waters are crystal clear and the white beaches are among the best in Mexico. Whether you opt for 2 hours or a full day boat rental, you will have an amazing sailing experience.

Most famous beach in Cancun to sail to is Playa Delfines. It is a hotel site, so it offers not only the most beautiful view, but also the comfort of chairs and umbrellas. Playa Chac Mool is among spectacular and popular public beaches with less crowd, though no umbrellas. Playa Langosta can be perfect for families with kids. Discover inland popular tourist attractions around Cancun - Valladolid offers amazing Mexican food, unique Mayan culture - the ancient pyramid Chichen Itza among the others, and unique natural cenote.

Another tourist attraction when sailing Cancun is diving and snorkelling. Sail to Punta Nizuc for the perfect snorkelling experience in crystal clear waters. If you have a diving licence, you would want to dive into the turquoise waters of the fishing village Puerto Morelos. Sail to Cozumel for scuba diving, snorkelling or even a romantic sunset dinner cruise. Spoiler alert – diving in Cozumel might ruin it for you to dive in any other place in the world. Yes, it is so good!

Your trip to paradise is only a click away. Book a Cancun yacht rental today and discover everything this magical place has to offer on your Mexico getaway.

Popular sailing locations to rent a yacht in Mexico: