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86 Luxury Yacht Charters in Indonesia: Private Boat Rentals

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Hire a Yacht Charter in Indonesia with Sailo!

Looking for a luxury yacht charter in Indonesia? The perfect vacation awaits you when sailing Indonesia. The largest country in Southeast Asia, this yachting paradise is a wonderland of over 17,000 islands and a sailing paradise for anyone looking for adventure at sea during their travels. This nation has stunning natural beauty, delicious food, beautiful culture of people, and enough enriching and adventurous experiences to keep you returning again and again.

Why Indonesia yacht charters are so popular among boat renters? The world’s largest island country is the definition of the ideal vacation destination. Its rich diversity of people, animals, and environments make it a must-see for every traveler. The food is unforgettable. And the landscapes throughout all of its islands - from white sand beaches and colorful sea life to the jungle atmosphere with thousands of plant and animal species - have a richness and boldness that you can only find in Southeast Asia. There are so many notable locations to see on land and there is even more spectacular beauty at sea, so booking a yacht charter in Indonesia is a must for everyone seeking paradise.

Hire a Boat Rental in Indonesia

This gem of Southeast Asia is a sailing paradise, and Sailo offers plenty of motor boats and sailboats to choose from for your upcoming trip. Using our platform’s filters, you can easily find your yacht charter by narrowing your search results by type of boat, price, party size, travel dates, and more. Sailo offers plenty of daily rentals -- which you can rent for between two and eight hours a day -- as well as weekly rentals, so you can decide how long you want to charter a yacht in Indonesia based on your plans for your vacation. And if you don’t have sailing experience, that isn’t a problem, since you can rent a captained boat for your convenience.

Remember that when renting a yacht in Indonesia on Sailo you have the option to communicate with the boat representative to help figure out what you should do on your trip, coordinate your plans for your boating adventure, get tips for sailing in Southeast Asia, and even figure out whether the boat you are looking to rent will be a good fit for your travel plans.

Additionally, our weekly boat rentals in Indonesia on Sailo can offer you the opportunity to reserve for free. This means that within the first 24 hours of reserving your Indonesia boat charter, you can reserve your boat, communicate with the boat owner, and modify or cancel the reservation if it isn’t the right fit for you, all without needing to use a credit card. This flexibility is a great benefit for those who want to spend a whole week exploring the islands by boat.

One week itinerary for your Indonesia yacht charter

With so much to do and so many islands to explore, we put together a one-week itinerary to help you plan out your Indonesian boating trip. Here is a list of our recommendations for your vacation.

Start off your Indonesia boat charter by embarking from Bali. Sail north along Bali’s eastern coast to arrive at Lembongan Island Bay to watch the sunset and embrace this picture-perfect atmosphere. Next, head to the white sand beaches of Southern Lombok on day two and the stunning coral reefs on day three -- you may even see some adorable sea turtles! Over the next few days, set course for Gili Air (where you can snorkel) and Lembongan Bay (where you can go swimming in the crystal blue water), before making your way back to Bali. We definitely recommend setting aside some time before and after your sailing adventure to explore Bali by land, visit some historic sites, dine on delicious local foods, and explore the natural wonders of this iconic vacation spot.

Other places in Southeast Asia for sailing

If you are booking a sailing trip to Indonesia and you’re able to extend your vacation, there are so many other locations in Southeast Asia that we recommend exploring. After you charter a yacht in Indonesia, you could fall so in love with sailing in this area that you want to check out other remarkable destinations. We recommend spending some time by sailing in Thailand, sailing in Malaysia, sailing in Singapore, and the sailing in Philippines. Each of these countries offers something different, but they are all equally and uniquely beautiful. Whether you plan to explore all four of these Southeast Asian countries in one trip or you decide to keep returning to check more destinations off your bucket list, we always recommend planning some time to sail in order to fully experience the seas.

Your luxury yacht rental in Indonesia is only a click away. Climb aboard and set sail for this South Asian paradise!