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Rent a Sailboat Charter for a Day Near You


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Rent a Sailboat for A Day | Charter An Amazing Boat for Your Adventure

How much is it to rent a sailboat for a day?

On Sailo a full day boat rental usually means 8 hours (including getting out and in the marina). If you are looking to rent a sailboat for a day, make sure to confirm with the boat owner the final, actual time you will spend on the water.

Your total cost for sailboat charter will vary mainly by location and desired itinerary, whether you want to hire a skipper or rent a bareboat, and number of guests. Some boat owners may also have different prices for weekend days. For example, the price for a sailboat rental in New York, on a weekday, captain and fuel included, may start from as little as $800/day (mandatory extras such as state tax and service fee not included). Also, it may be more expensive to rent a sailboat for a day in Miami versus a similar boat rented on Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL.

Do I need a license to rent a sailboat for a day?

If you are an experienced sailor, a bareboat is a great option as it allows you to do things according to your own schedule and to relax in private with your family or friends. If you’re thinking of a Sailo bareboat sailboat charter to surprise your family or friends, you’ll be asked to upload your boating resume when you submit the booking request . It is also quite possible for the captain or the boat owner to ask you a few things about sailing, or even go with you on a trial run before embarking the boat on the day of the trip.

When it comes to licenses, most US states require a state boat license, or, like in the case of Florida, at least a proof of safety course completion to operate a boat. For sailboat charters outside the United States, most countries require an internationally recognized boating licence such as ICC, Radio License, or CEVNI.

Browse our huge selection of boat rentals in over 50 countries and 500 popular boating destinations to explore your options and rent the sailboat for a day for a memorable experience for your and your family or friends.

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