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25 Marsh Harbour Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters


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Hire a Boat Charter in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas with Sailo!

Choosing a boat rental in Marsh Harbour? As the third largest city in the Bahamas, Marsh Harbour by a yacht charter is bustling with activities and excitement. Marsh Harboure it's the main hub for sailing vacations in Abaco Islands and home to countless boat rentals available no matter what type of vacation you’re looking for.

Bahamas — The Boating Paradise

Sailo offers several options for fantastic island vacations, from the Nassau excursions by boat rentals to the hidden gems of a lot of things to do in Bimini, Bahamas, but Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands is the ideal home base for your vacation to paradise. So spend a day or two exploring on land, taking advantage of the gorgeous white sand beaches, and experiencing the fun activities the town has to offer before you charter a yacht and set sail on your adventure at sea.

As you plan your sailing vacation by Marsh Harbour boat rental, remember that the best time of year to visit (and especially the best time of year for yacht charters in Marsh Harbour) is January through April. Not only is this season less crowded with tourists, but also it is when the weather is the most mild, as hurricane and peak travel season runs from summer through fall.

Renting a Boat in Marsh Harbour

You'll find plenty of options for Bahamas boat rentals given the area’s popularity, so you have plenty of Marsh Harbour sailboat charters, motor boat charters in Marsh Harbour, and catamaran charters in Marsh Harbour to choose from. Depending on the length of your vacation, you may decide on a daily, multi-day, or weekly Marsh Harbour boat rental to explore the surrounding destinations within the Bahamian Abaco Islands.

There are benefits to all lengths of Marsh Harbour boat rentals. Daily yacht charters in Marsh Harbour are ideal for vacationers who just want to experience sailing the islands for a few hours. If you choose a daily Marsh Harbour yacht rental, you can rent a boat for anywhere from a quarter of a day to a full day (2-8 hours at a time, depending on the rental). Multi-day Marsh Harbour boat rentals are perfect for a shorter vacation, or for those who want to spend half their trip exploring on land and half at sea. Multi-day rentals include yacht charters that are between three and six days long.

While daily and multi-day boat rentals in Marsh Harbour have their perks, a weekly rental is ideal for touring the Bahamas as it allows for the maximum amount of time to explore all of the islands’ beautiful sites.

Benefits of a Weekly Boat Rentals in Marsh Harbour

One major perk to renting a boat charter in Marsh Harbour for at least one week in the Bahamas is the option to reserve for free. Within the first 24 hours of reserving a weekly rental on Sailo, you can continue to browse our inventory to make sure you are making the right decision. This 24 hour period gives you enough time to decide if the Marsh Harbour yacht charter of your choice fits all your party’s needs, including budget, size, and amenities. During this 24 hour period, you can submit a booking request for the reserved boat, ask for a one-time free reservation extension of 24 hours, or cancel the reservation if it isn’t the right choice for you. You can check out our FAQ page here for more information.

One-week Marsh Harbour Sailing Itinerary

Beyond the fun environment of Marsh Harbour are countless beautiful island spots to explore, so allowing yourself at least a week to tour the Abaco Islands is the ideal choice. To help plan your vacation, here is an example of everything you can experience sailing in the Bahamas when booking a one week vacation on a Sailo Marsh Harbour boat rental.

As you embark on your yacht charter from Marsh Harbour, set course for Great Guana Cay, the perfect first stop on your trip, to enjoy some sunset views from the area’s delicious restaurants and distinctive bars. Next, head to Green Turtle Cay, a gorgeous destination where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling amid stunning wildlife. Head back toward Great Abaco to check out the white sand and relaxing atmosphere of Coco Beach, considered one of the best beaches in the whole world, before cruising eastward through Abaco Sound to Man-O-War Cay to explore an amazing historic shipwreck of the USS Adirondack.

Over the next couple of days, your sailing adventure can take you past the curve of the Abaco barrier islands to explore the tranquil Tahiti Beach, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. And finally, your last major stop will be the stunning, picture-perfect Hope Town on Elbow Cay, a must-visit rest stop for any movie buff, since this is the filming location for many films and T.V. shows. Soon, you’ll wind up back at Marsh Harbour, the paradise from which you started your adventure. Unless you decide to extend your trip and explore more of the Bahamas...who would argue with that?

Paradise awaits you in Marsh Harbour by a yacht charer. Choose one of our boat rentals in Marsh Harbour today and embark on your Bahamas vacation!

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