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22 Boat Rentals in Abaco, Bahamas: Yacht Charters


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Rent a Boat Charter in Abaco, Bahamas with Sailo!

Looking for a boat rental in Abaco, Bahamas? Welcome to Great Abaco, a truly breathtaking island destination! Sailing vacations in the Abaco Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas, and for good reason. With their exquisite beauty, variety of activities, and convenient location amid so many beautiful islands in the Caribbean, it’s no wonder visitors travel by a yacht charter to the Abaco Islands time and time again.

When and how to trip to Abaco to rent a boat there?

When visiting Great Abaco, the most convenient way to get to the island is to fly into Marsh Harbour Airport, so keep that in mind when booking your Abaco sailing trip. You can also conveniently add transportation to and from the marina to your final booking. From our experience the best time to visit is January through April to avoid peak hurricane seasons in the middle of summer through the fall.

How to choose Abaco boat rental on Sailo?

Sailo offers several options for your Bahamas sailing vacation on a Sailo yacht charter, and renting a boat in Great Abaco is the best way to experience the Out Islands. You can choose from a variety of sailboat charters in Abaco, motor boats in Abaco, and catamaran rentals in Abaco, Bahamas, and you can use Sailo’s convenient search filters (including party size, travel dates, price, and many more) to find the perfect rental for your trip.

How Long Should You Hire a Boat in Abaco, Bahamas?

In the Bahamas there are several options when it comes to how long you are hiring a boat in Abaco, Bahamas. Some choose a daily yacht rental in Abaco, meaning they rent a boat for a few hours during one day of their trip, and others like to choose a multi-day rental for 3-6 days of their vacation. But even though there are benefits to renting a boat charter in Abaco for a smaller amount of time, such as if you want to tour the islands by boat during a long weekend trip to the Bahamas, we still recommend a weekly boat rental in Abaco to take advantage of everything the islands have to offer.

Weekly Yacht Charters in Abaco, Bahamas available on Sailo

Traveling the Bahamas by boat for one week will allow for so much more exploring than you could ever imagine. You’ll be able to visit the hidden gems of the islands that may go overlooked if you were on a shorter trip. And on Sailo, the benefits of a weekly yacht charter in Abaco go beyond just the appeal of a longer vacation with the option to see and do everything on your Bahamas bucket list.

When you want to rent a boat charter in Abaco, Bahamas for one week or more on Sailo, you have the option to reserve it for free for up to 24 hours. This is an amenity that applies to weekly boat rentals in Abaco, Bahamas, so we highly suggest to take advantage of this perk when you are planning a longer sailing vacation. Within the 24 hours of reserving a weekly Abaco yacht charter, you can continue to browse our inventory to make sure you are making the right decision, with enough time to speak with the rest of your party to check if everybody is onboard with your choice, or modify the total budget to fit your needs (add or remove optional extra services).

At any time during your 24 hours free reservation you can submit the booking request for the reserved boat, ask for a one time 24 hours free extension of your reservation, or cancel it. You are not required to use a credit card within the first 24 hour reservation period, either. For more information on free reservations on Sailo, visit our FAQ page here.

One Week Itinerary Sailing the Bahamas from Great Abaco

The Great Abaco Islands in the Bahamas are some of the most beautiful and have plenty of opportunities for both fun and relaxation on your trip to the Caribbean. For this one-week sample itinerary, you’ll be flying into the Abaco Islands and chartering your yacht there before sailing the Bahamas and ending the trip in Nassau.

Start off your adventure by arriving in Marsh Harbour and beginning your journey through the Abacos. After exploring the town on land for a few hours, head to the marina and set sail on one of our great Marsh Harbour boat rentals for the trip of a lifetime.

Your first stop is Treasure Cay Beach, perhaps the most gorgeous beach on the island of Abaco. You can sail here from the harbor on your first day and enjoy the sparkling waters and soft sands with the rest of your group or loved ones.

After some time spent leisurely on the beach, it’s time for the real adventure to begin. Leave behind the gem that is Treasure Cay and set course up the Sea of Abaco to admire Whale Cay on the way to your next stop, historic Green Turtle Cay. Take a golf cart tour of the island and admire the sites, including New Plymouth, or go deep sea fishing, if your boat rental allowed you to add fishing equipment to your reservation.

The next day, head to Great Guana Cay to have lunch at the delicious Blue Water Grill and go reef diving to see some amazing wildlife. Stop by Dickies Cay for a cool shipwreck and Sandy Cay for the largest stand of Elkhorn Coral over the next couple of days.

The final days of your boating vacation by Abaco yacht charter will be enjoying the scenery of Harbour Island and swimming around Rose Island before you make your way to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, to disembark.

Since this is a unique itinerary that suggests to start from Great Abaco and end when you completed allthings to do in Nassau, we suggest planning for a bit longer of a trip to give yourself a day or two to explore Great Abaco before you board your yacht charter and a couple of days on land in Nassau before you fly home. This way, you can see what the most famous Bahamas islands have to offer both on land and at sea for a truly fulfilling vacation. And don’t forget: there are so many other Bahamian destinations to explore by boat rental in the Bahamas, including the exciting things to do in Bimini Islands that you can access from Miami or Fort Lauderdale!

The Bahamas are calling your name! Choose your Abaco boat rental on Sailo today and live the island lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of!


Great and Little Abaco and their splendid cays are regarded by many boating enthusiasts as the crown jewels of the Bahamas. This tropical paradise is truly a sailor’s dream and a must on any diving aficionado list. Browse our Abaco boat rentals and find the one that suits your plans to explore the wonderful, warm turquoise waters studded with splendid corals, and bountiful marine life. Many start their Abaco sailing adventure from Marsh Harbour. Boat rentals there are available for both weekly itineraries and daily trips, with options to charter for three to six days as well.

Do you have questions about one of our Abaco boat rentals? Start a direct conversation with the boat representative by clicking on the “Message Boat Owner” blue button on the boat page. You can ask anything you want to know about the boat, discuss your Abaco sailing itinerary or make special arrangements for your trip.

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