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Boat rentals in Huntington, NY, USA

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Choose a Long Island Boat Rental from Sailo to visit Bay Hills, NY

This summer you have to visit the Huntington Bay - a charming region on the North Shore of Long Island, home of Bay Hills - one of the most popular beach resorts in Suffolk County.

It’s time to leave the stress behind and take the well-deserved sailing trip with your family. Sailo offers an top selection of boat rentals around Bay Hills NY, perfect for a family vacation, a corporate event, a romantic getaway or private parties.

With a beautiful Long Island boat rental from Sailo you will have a relaxing but adventurous day on the water at the same time. Boating enthusiasts recommend visiting Sand City Island, a great place to swim, sunbathe or just relax aboard. Finish your day with a quick snack and a cold drink at one of the many waterfront taverns in Bay Hills Beach.

Choose a Long Island boat rental with captain and have a luxurious sailing experience in Northport Bay You cannot go wrong with a boat rental to explore Bay Hills NY and the Hungtington Bay, either a comfortable sailboat or a fancy motor yacht – it is guaranteed that your sailing trip will be a one of a kind experience.

If you plan to explore other nearby locations, then Oyster Bay has to be on your list. 

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