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127 Mexico Yacht Rentals & Boat Charters

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Rent a Boat in Mexico with Sailo!

Looking to rent a yach charter in Mexico? Start sailing in Mexico! As one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in North America, Mexico truly has something to offer every traveler, whether this is your first time visiting or your 100th. The coasts of this country stretch for miles and miles, bringing endless opportunities for exploring its seas and bays by yacht charter. And of course, Sailo has plenty of boat rentals in Mexico no matter what adventure you seek.

Rent a boat in Mexico on Sailo

With the gorgeous natural scenery, opportunities for fun on land and at sea, and crystal blue waters, it’s no wonder visitors prioritize booking a yacht charter Mexico sailing. Sailo makes renting a boat rental easier than ever with our platform.

Perhaps the best part of booking on Sailo is how easy it is to find your ideal boat rental. You can filter your search by rental type (weekly or daily), boat type (motor boats in Mexico, Mexico catamaran charters, and sailboat rentals in Mexico), location, party size, travel dates, and so much more in order to find the boat that’s right for you. You can also communicate with the boat representative via the Message Owner feature, which will help you figure out how to make your trip to Mexico the best it can be. The boat representative can not only share more information about the boat -- they can also recommend an itinerary for your trip and help you explore the country like the locals would.

Also keep in mind that you are able to rent a boat in Mexico with or without a captain, so if you’re new to sailing or you want to explore the country on your own, there’s an option for you.

Choosing a daily or weekly boat charters in Mexico

Sailo offers both daily and weekly boat rentals in Mexico, so depending on what you’re planning to do when visiting this region, you may decide to go with one or the other. If you’re visiting for a limited time and you don’t want to make sailing the focus of your trip, we suggest going with a daily rental. With a daily rental, you can rent a boat for two, four or eight hours at a time, and choose the time frame based on what you want to accomplish during your excursion. We suggest daily rentals for short trips to Mexico, such as a weekend getaway.

Like other stunning oceanside destinations, the best way to explore Mexico is by yacht rental, which is why we recommend visiting for around one week and booking a weekly yacht charter. A weekly yacht charter in Mexico will give you the opportunity to explore the coasts and islands of this stunning country without worrying about where you have to be next. You can plan your ideal itinerary while still leaving room for adventure and spontaneity. A week by boat will also help ensure that you have plenty of time to experience everything Mexico has to offer in terms of both leisure and thrill.

Sample of a Mexico sailing itinerary by yacht and must-see list

Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, renting a boat for one day or seven, here is a sample itinerary from La Paz and the must-see list to help you decide what to do while you’re here in Mexico.

Start off your trip in the stunning city of La Paz where you'll find almost everything your nomadic soul desires: palm-lined beaches, lively and culture-filled town squares, and enough energy and leisure to keep you visiting again and again. From here, leave the Bay of La Paz and set course for Isla Espirito Santo, with stunning limestone cliffs and the gorgeous Sea of Cortez so clear you’ll see your reflection. After spending some time taking in the lush ecosystem on this little island, make way for the following stops over the next few days of your journey:

  • Isla San Francisco and Isla San Jose for hiking, fishing, and kayaking.
  • San Evaristo for spearfishing or just relaxing on the shore.
  • The charming fishing village of Agua Verde.
  • Bay of Loreto National Park on Isla Monserrate.
  • Swimming and diving with the sea lions at Los Islotes.

Finally, you’ll make your way back to La Paz, where we suggest you continue to explore and relax for a day or two more to truly experience the culture and history of the area.

Popular boat rentals in Mexico

Explore all the Sailo boating destinations in Mexico and choose the perfect one for your next adventure:

Your yacht charter in Mexico awaits! This tropical paradise is calling your name.