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Sailing Martinique — Yacht Charter & Boat Rental in Martinique | Sailo

Are you looking to rent a boat in Martinique? As one of the most stunning island destinations in the Caribbean, this yachting paradise truly has something special to offer all who visit this stunning gem. Its atmosphere, culture, and beauty make it a must-see for any world traveler — especially for anyone who loves sailing.

Spending a day or a week on a boat rental in Martinique is absolutely exquisite. The island itself has such a unique, incomparable beauty that sets it apart from other common Caribbean sailing spots. But the waters surrounding it offer that same crystal blue beauty that travelers yearn for in a tropical vacation. You can spend a week sailing around the island and the surrounding cays and never get bored. 

Benefits of a weekly boat rental for sailing Martinique

Sailo offers weekly charters that will allow you to explore then islands and the surrounding waters with plenty of time to see and do everything on your bucket list. Weekly charters offer the flexibility of a week-long itinerary that you can create yourself and adjust as you sail and discover the wonders of the Caribbean. We recommend chatting with the boat representative (or the captain/skipper, if you aren’t renting a bareboat charter) to get advice on what you should plan to do while on your boating adventure. Try to rent a sailinig boat in Martinique.

Another benefit of a weekly rental is the option to reserve for free available for some of our charters. When you select a weekly boat rental for Martinique sailing, you can reserve the boat of your choice, modify or cancel the reservation, all within a 24 hour period without entering your credit card. This gives you the chance to decide if the yacht your chose is right for you before booking. 

Finding your yacht rental in Martinique

Sailo makes finding the perfect boat for you and your family or friends easy and convenient with our streamlined platform. Once you decide you want a sailing vacation, you can choose from a variety of Sailo’s catamarans and sailboats available, and filter your search by type of boat, price, dates, number of people in your party, and more. This allows you to narrow your results to the specific boat you’re looking for if you have one in mind, or you can use the filters as a way of checking out different options until you find the yacht rental that’s right for you. Crewed catamaran rental Martinique is available. 

Things to do when sailing Martinique

This island is absolutely gorgeous, feeling like the perfect combination of a tropical paradise with a historic setting, and there is truly something for every traveler to enjoy. If you love pristine sandy beaches amid turquoise waters and trying out watersports like snorkeling and diving, this is the perfect vacation destination. If you love history and rich cultural experiences, this is a great place to be, since the island has a distinctly European feel. 

Martinique one-week sailing itinerary

There is plenty to discover on land, but there’s even more to see and do at sea. Here’s a sample itinerary for a one week yacht rental in Martinique. 

Start off your boating adventure from Marina du Marin, the largest marina on the island, only 45 minutes from the airport (remember to check if you can add airport transfers to your boat). After spending some time exploring Martinique by land, it’s time to embark on your adventure and set course for Saint Anne. Saint Anne is a short sail away and a great place to stop on the first leg of your trip. Go swimming or snorkeling, or head to land to explore the shopping, dining, and entertainment options with gorgeous seaside views. You can even spend your entire second day exploring Saint Anne by land since it’s just that exquisite. 

Over the next week, you have the option of stopping at Ilets du Francois and the oh-so-famous Baignoire de Joséphine for gorgeous warm waters and white sand beaches. Pass the small island of Loup Gaou to see the coral sand and palm trees as pretty as a tropical postcard, then dock at Havre du Robert to explore the mangroves and indulge in delicious French-inspired cuisine. Check out the historic Baie aux Trésors and the Caribbean surf culture of Tartane. And finally your last stop will be Saint Pierre, the perfect environment for snorkeling, swimming with exotic sea life, and even diving to admire the amazing shipwrecks. 

If you decide you want to extend your trip, Guadeloupe is the closest destination to Martinique and is another great Caribbean vacation destination. We also reccomend also Grenada for a sailing adventure to remember. 

Your boat or a yacht charter Martinique sailing is only a click away — time to escape to paradise!