Sailing Vacations

Sailing Vacations - A Typical Daily Meal Plan

During a week-long sailing trip, each person in your group - family or friends - will handle food and provisions in a slightly different way, so look at the daily schedule, make decisions, and order your provisions accordingly to your group’s tastes and preferences. We created a daily meal plan for you to get a better idea of what awaits you and perhaps help you make decisions regarding what type of food you will most likely be consuming during the week.



Breakfast is usually a low key affair, without much cooking. You will most likely wake up and have some fruit, cereal, yogurt or something light with coffee. The reason is because the preparation time and hassle for an extensive breakfast (i.e. eggs, bacon, pancakes) usually doesn’t work for most groups because the process is long and people don’t feel the need to eat that much. But of course, this is all up to you! Also, before ordering your provisions, make sure you check with your captain the *coffee status* onboard because some boats will have coffee machines, others won’t, which is why you might have to buy instant coffee (arrgh...we know).




Keep in mind that lunch is usually done while the boat is rocking and moving which can make cooking complicated depending on what you are preparing. So keep it light & easy! You will probably enjoy an easy meal like sandwiches, wraps or toasts and then eat snacks during the day (i.e dry fruit, nuts, chips, pretzels, granola bars) until dinner time. Check with all your cruisemates for allergies before ordering a whole bunch of products: ordering food needs team communication!




Most people enjoy having dinner in restaurants. It’s usually a good time to get dressed up, visit the marina & its surroundings and of course enjoy a fantastic cocktail along with your meal. But if you’d rather have dinner onboard that is totally fine and up to you and your group! Just make sure you order enough food, because this is usually the time of the day where you will be very hungry as the temperature is lower and you get together with all your cruisemates. The typical dinner usually has chicken, burgers, hot dogs, veggies with pasta or rice. Make sure you don’t buy too many fresh veggies to not let them go bad. You will be able to restock on veggies at different stops if needed.




You can definitely order alcoholic beverages onboard or bring your own from home, but we cannot stress enough the importance of not going overboard with alcohol because incidents can happen and you wouldn’t want to ruin your sailing vacation.


Now that you have a better idea of what you will be eating during your trip, it'a timw to start communicating with your group about what you want to pre-order. By doing this, you will make your pre-ordering phase much easier, instead of waiting until the last minute and rushing it.

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