Sailing Vacations

A Day Onboard of a Week-Long Sailing Charter

Good morning! The day starts with you and your boatmates waking up usually when the sun rises. As everyone gets up the coffee drinkers will start a pot of coffee, while someone on the boat rental will make some bacon and eggs. Some sailing vacation goers prefer to start their day with a nice bottle of champagne.


As the crew enjoys their beverage of choice and breakfast, the skipper will go over the plans for the day. They will show you where you will be sailing for the day and the various sights you will see. When everyone is ready, the boat rental will take off to its next location. You will say goodbye to the other boats for a few hours as your all sail off to the next location.


This is where the fun begins! You can choose how involved you want to be sailing to the next location, maybe get a sail lesson from the skipper that day. You are on the water, so why not take a swim or grab your snorkeling or scuba gear and explore the marine life?


Or maybe you want to just read a book with a cocktail all day. The choice is yours! Enroute to the next location you will enjoy lunch, usually a sandwich, something that can easily be eaten while undersail.


Sometime in the early afternoon you will arrive to your next location where you will be reunited with the other boat rentals. From here your sailing vacation will take a fun turn! There will be a fun activity planned every day. Maybe it is docking at a local marina and you spend the day exploring the city or maybe the boat rentals will “raft” together and you will spend the day hoping between the boats and meeting new friends! If you wanted to spend your sailing vacation being lazy then you will just lay on the beach enjoying a cocktail, the choice is yours!



You and your boatmates will then chose to enjoy a nice dinner on the boat rental or maybe a nice dinner ashore. Most of the boat rentals will have grills so you can grill out the back of the boat or you can enjoy the full kitchen onboard! Our sailors are known to be creative with cooking on these sailing vacations!


As you turn down for the night you will enjoy the spacious cabins on your boat rental. Or maybe you feel adventurous and take a blanket outside and sleep under the stars.

But as you fall asleep that night you will be excited as you still have a few more days on your week-long sailing vacation on a Sailo boat rental!


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