The Natural Wonders of Turkey


Setting sail in Turkey will reward you with outstanding crystal waters outlined by green cliff tops. Home to the “turquoise coast” you will find plenty of tranquil spots to hoist the sails and explore. There are countless enchanting natural wonders to explore during your yacht charter in Gocek, Fethiye or Bodrum and we picked a few of our favorites for you! Take your boat rental from Marmaris to Paradise Island, explore natural pools cascading from the sky or swim with endangered Loggerhead sea turtles on your Sailo rental in Turkey.


Yacht charter from Marmaris to Paradise Island


Set sail on your boat rental from Marmaris to a land of cerulean sea, Paradise Island. Also known as Cennet Island, this destination in actuality is a peninsula but it’s namesake is not forsaken by paradise. Anchor among other boaters and spend the day sunbathing on the bow or cannonballing into aqua waters! But be wary as you make way around the peninsula Yalanci Bogaz. Nicknamed, “Fake Strait,” legend says a captain sought refuge from a storm and thinking it was a strait ran aground. Stay clear of Fake Strait but your yacht charter in Marmaris wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Paradise Island!


Yacht charter from Fethiye to Cavern Dropoff

Throw off the bowlines to the docks of Fethiye and head to one of the most spectacular dive sites in Turkey, Cavern Dropoff.


Strap on your scuba diving gear and plunge into the dive site that begins at only 6 meters. Continue swimming down the layers of dropoffs to admire strawberry anemones against a backdrop of brilliant coral! If you enjoy scuba diving, you must visit the colorful sea wall on your yacht charter from Fethiye.


Sail to Turtle Beach and Mud Baths in Dalyan

As you’re spending a wonderful holiday on your rental yacht charter in Gocek, be sure to add a trip up the Dalyan to your list. Translating to “fishing trap” in Turkish, these wetlands are a magnificent sight to meander through. Hop on your yacht charter from Gocek and wander to Dalyan Turtle Beach, home of the endangered Loggerhead sea turtles.


Once you’ve swam with the turtles inhabiting the area, head to the banks of the River Dalyan to take a mud bath. The nutrient rich mud does wonders for your skin!


Drop the sails and head to Cotton Castle (Pamukkale)


For a day of inland adventure, dock your yacht charter in Bodrum and head inland to Pamukkale. Aptly translating to Cotton Castle, you’ll be greeted by white, smooth cascading cliffs formed by cascading natural pools. Spend your day soaking in one of the natural baths overlooking a white-washed scene similar to a fairy tale. During your week long vacation on a yacht charter in Bodrum, taking a day trip to Pamukkale is a must!

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