Top Beaches by Boat in Palma de Mallorca


If you’re renting a boat charter in Palma de Mallorca to spend a week lazily pulling in the main sheet but don’t want to be near the hordes of tourist crowds, fear not! We scoured our resources and picked the best beaches in Mallorca away from the crowds. Hop on your boat rental in Palma Mallorca and come along for the ride as we visit stunning natural parks, seaside cliff-scaling and secluded beaches!

Sailing to Mondrago National Park


During your week long adventure on a boat rental in Palma Mallorca, be sure to spend a day admiring the unspoilt beauty of Mondrago National Park. Located on the southwestern side of Mallorca, you can bask in the sunlight on one of the white sandy beaches with unobstructed views of the aquamarine sea. Surrounded by nothing but porous cliffs and wetlands enjoy a day of pure bliss on your boat charter from Palma de Mallorca.


Visit the mystical Port des Canonge

Sail your boat rental from Palma Mallorca to an enclave on the north western coast, Port des Canonge. Jump from your anchored boat and swim to the small, pebbled shore lined by old stone fishing houses.


This coastline is protected by grassy cragged mountains protruding into the cerulean sea. Once you’ve had your fill from swimming, spend an hour or so exploring the hilly paths edging the coastline.


Charter to cliff paradise


A cliff-walkers dream, Es Torrent de Pareis is one of the largest gorge canyons in the Mediterranean. Sail to the northern side of the island on boat charters from Palma de Mallorca and be impressed by the sheer magnitude of the limestone cliffs piercing the sky. You can spend the day hiking along the cliffs or if you just want to relax, lay a towel beachside to watch loved ones scale the cliffs on either side of you.  


Soak in a soothing mud bath

Make way on boat charters in Palma de Mallorca for the northwestern side of the island to Es Canyaret Bay. An idyllic location boasting crystal clear waters allows you peek right to the bottom of the sea.


While the rocks standing in the water pose for pretty pictures, be cautious where you anchor to be sure the boat is far enough from the rocks. Spend the day exploring the shoreline and bask in a soothing natural mud bath to rejuvenate your skin!

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